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Feature mum Q&A – Rachel @insta.beauty.mummy 

Rachel is a beautiful, stylish working mum of two little boys (Max and Leo). She has an amazing Instagram account where she gives us some wonderful tips and tricks with make-up and beauty products. I had the opportunity to ask her some questions.  

Hey Rachel welcome to The Mummy Code, tell us a little bit about yourself and your family.

  • What do you enjoy most about being a mum? Watching your children grow and adapt their own little personalities. I find it fascinating how much they learn and just how individual they actually are. I also can’t go past their cuddles and smooches! THE BEST! 
  • What do you find the hardest? I can be quite impatient at times, so trying to keep calm when they are pressing my buttons is probably what I find the hardest.  
  • How do you balance work and mum life? I don’t know to be honest! I think it probably helps that I am super organised and like order. I actually love the balance of my career and being a mum. I get great satisfaction from the both and I wouldn’t change it. I also hope it sets a great example for my children that women can be mums, but can also have a successful career, and on the same token, dads can also have their careers but parenting and housework is a shared responsibility. 
  • What are you three makeup or beauty products that you can’t live without? Haha! Just 3? OK here they: 1. Fake tan. 2. Lash extensions. 3. Concealer. 
  • Tanning hints or tips? Exfoliate really well the day before tanning, and use cetaphil lotion every day to stop it from cracking or fading. 
  • Who is your style icon? Hard one but probably Jessica Alba. She is effortless chic, down to earth, gorgeous on the inside also and a career woman as well as being a mum. 
  • What is your favourite way to spend time as a family? We have absolutely been loving the pool lately. The boys are at a really good age to enjoy it and they have an absolute ball. Watching them laugh and play all day long is priceless. 

Thank you for answering my questions. 

Rachelle xx 

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Bringing in the bed

As your baby grows you tick a number of milestones of the list. Rolling, solid food, crawling, walking…….finally the day comes where it’s time to bid farewell to the cot and move to a bed. 

I was nervous about this change. How do they stay in? Will they keep sleeping through the night? Am I going to wake up to a two year old walking around the house or breathing really close to my face while I sleep? What if they hate it? Turns out all of my fears were in vain. Both of my children transitioned pretty easily. 

I’m no expert and perhaps I was just lucky. I thought I would share some tips for the transition.

Wait until they’re ready- I don’t think there is a magical age to move to a bed and there probably isn’t any rush. However,  we were in a bit of a rush with Hudson as we needed the cot for Scarlett. Hudson was just over two and handled the change fine. Scarlett has also just turned 2 and she has just moved to a bed. She is loving it. We knew she was ready as she kept asking for a bed, laying in Hudson’s bed and she had been transitioned to a little mat on the floor at childcare. 

Talk about it – before putting our children in beds we spoke about beds, read books that had beds in them (3 little bears, princess and the pea). When we were out at home stores we would go look at beds to show them how ‘cool’ they are. I think having them understand what is happening helped a lot. 

Get them involved – when it was time for a big bed we took our kids to the shops where they could pick out a doona cover or pillows to help decorate their new bed. They loved it and it also gives them a little control. Even now, I let Hudson pick which cover he would like on his bed when I change his sheets. I like to get something a little different and found that Shop Inside have a really lovely kids range (adults too, but that’s for another day). 

Don’t panic and stay positive – there may be times where your child will get up and down before settling, they may not love the bed at the start. Persistence and patience is key. If you’re positive about the bed they will eventually come around. Like every family we have requests at bedtime for drinks, toilet, more stories, itchy feet, scary things in the wardrobe. I let them go through the motions and if they continue to get up I just quietly pop them back into bed. 
As I said, I was dreading transition time as I thought my kids wouldn’t enjoy it and may spend most nights in out bed. Overall, we have had a pretty good experience. 

Rachelle xx 

All bedding and pillows from Shop Inside


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Electrical essentials

Ok, so since becoming a mum my interests have changed. I do still love fashion and make up. However, I’m not out at the latest hotspots as as much as I used to be. I used to always wonder about the whitegood ads out around Mother’s Day. I now understand. Gadgets and white goods are amazing. They also save time. I wanted to share some of my electrical mummy must haves. 

If you’re a new mum or a mum- to-be, go out and get these things. A – because I love them and can’t live without them and B – some of them are amazing time savers that don’t cost $3k (sorry Thermomix, you haven’t made the cut).  

I also have to mention this is not sponsored…..I just really find these items helpful.


Not just any breast pump the Medela swing is the only one worth your time and money.  If I had my time again I would get the double one, but the single one served me well. Especially since Hudson was prem, I did a lot of expressing (sings Madonna express yourself in head). It’s the ones they use in maternity hospitals and works like a dream. 


Some doctors say they don’t work but I don’t care. Both of my children have had bronchialitis and croup. Humidifiers have helped us through many winter nights. It just keeps the air moist and it’s easier for bub to breathe. Mine are just the Euky Bear ones from Chemist Warehouse, not expensive or fancy but they work. Get your hands on one so you have it for when your baby is born. You may need it at 3am on a winters night. 


A slow cooker is every mum’s best friend. I simply pop some meat in, forget about it for 6-8 hours and then bang…..dinner is ready. I use mine weekly (especially in winter) and it’s so much easier than standing over a hotplate with two clingy children hanging off me. I make soups, casseroles, pulled pork, ribs, mexican….the list is endless. Mine is a George Foreman. Again, not the most expensive but it’s served me well. 


I use mine multiple times a week. I know I could make rice in a pot but with kids it’s certainly easier to pop it in and just forget it. Mine switches to warming mode when the rice is cooked so I don’t even have to check on it. I use it to cook rice and quinoa and them in lunches, dinner and salads. 


I find I am always looking for extra power points these days. Kids stuff just needs to be plugged in or charged (so do breast pumps). I found the PowerCube. It’s amazing, small and easily hidden from little hands. Plus, you can even mount it under a table or desk. It even has USB sockets…..Whaaat?! You can charge your IPad, phone and pump all from the one little cube. Ditch the old power boards and get one of these little bad boys (available at Harvey Norman and Office works).


Yes, I know they’re not great for the environment. However, kids are messy, they get sick and there is a lot of washing. I don’t use mine all the time but I love knowing it’s there. Great for towels and sheets. It comes in handy in winter or when have a dreaded gastro outbreak. 


So good for making baby food, smoothies, milk shakes, cocktails and soup. The blades are super sharp so they blitz ice and mine gets a good work out making pureed veggies that I hide in everything from pasta sauce to savoury muffins. 

So there you have it, my electrical essentials for mum’s (and anyone really, other than the breast pump). Also, great gift ideas for a new mum or family. 

Me – excited by a new washing machine?? What happened? Times have changed. 

Rachelle xx 

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Quick makeup tips from a busy mum and makeup artist – @megseecole


Oh our hectic lives.

I am a wife, a mother of three and a makeup artist working in TV.

The loves of my life are my family and makeup – combining these together is a constant juggle. The mornings are particularly crazy and sometimes just getting out the door is the hardest thing of all.

Amidst the morning chaos, if any of those juggling balls drop, more often than not it will be my makeup. So, my makeup must be quick, if it’s going to get done. Here is my little bag of tricks that I would like to share with you. It hasn’t failed me yet and I hope it serves you just as well.

Hey, it won’t make you look like a Kardashian, but it gives a glow, covers those bags and most of all makes you start the day a slightly more fabulous version of yourself.

NARS PURE RADIENT TINTED MOISTURISER – it’s simple with a light-medium coverage. Pop it on and tap with a beauty blender. Draw on those under eyes with ELLIS FAAS CONCEALER  PEN, add a streak of BENEFIT HIGH BEAM to the upper cheek bones, keep tapping it all in with a makeup sponge, and presto………an even skin tone with no bags and radiant cheek bones is what you have.

Brush some MAC BRONZER over your cheeks, right up to your hairline. Keep applying this under your chin and around the edges of your face – it’s a great framer. I always want a bit more glow, so I hit my cheeks with MAC GOLD DEPOSIT.

We can’t forget to make those eyes pop. BETTER THAN SEX mascara is what you need on those lashes. Wiggle the stick as you go.

Oh and how I love a lip gloss that is bright or neutral. I just can’t go without HOURGLASS. It gives great shine, lasts well and is not too sticky.

This will only take 5 minutes – give it a go.

Meg XX


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Working at home with a toddler

I’m Ainsley and I have a little boy Rory, who is 17 months. In my spare time I run my own business, Dream Child Emporium, which is an online store for all sleep related products for babies and toddlers.

I thought I would write about a few of my work from home tips with a toddler.

So generally my days consist of  Rory running around, climbing on me and pulling at my shirt saying “booba” all with a bit of business work thrown in!

I feel like I am not super qualified to speak about this topic of working from home having only one toddler in my midst, but I can tell you what is working for me… this week.

TIP 1: Each day I have a mental to do list I need to get done. Those things are the priority when I get some time. This list keeps me focused and on task. I try and complete each task in full before moving on to the next task. (I may still have 17 tabs open on my computer but I try super hard to stick to one thing at a time)

TIP 2: Open the sliding doors, put a few toys outside and slap a hat on them and let them run wild in the back yard. Now this can kill about 10 minutes before they come back in wanting more food, water or booba (boob). But 10 solid minutes without a child climbing on me sticking his fingers in my nose and eyes, I will gladly take.

TIP 3.
Nap time is gold… when they actually nap. This nap time can be wonderful, uninterrupted and oh so productive. But without a plan or to do list of what you need to do… it can easily become not so productive. Online shopping and FB scrolling are my fave time wasters 🙂

TIP 4 : If you have a relative or trusted friend around, you could do a toddler swap for a few hours. I do this with my sister occasionally (not enough it seems). She will take Rory for a few hours so I can do some work. Then I take her kids for a few hours another day. It is a win win. It is nice to be able to focus for a few hours without the interrupting of a chatty toddler talking jibberish.

TIP 5 : I try and limit my computer time to bursts of 30 minutes. Then I stop and will have a play outside with him for a while, read a book or go for a walk. This ensures he doesn’t feel neglected and then he will happily play again by himself for a little while.

I try and keep in mind the whole reason behind wanting to work from home, and that was/is to be at home with my children and be there for them. So I try and keep that at the front of my mind when my business duties start stressing me out. Business can wait most of the time and if it can’t you could always distract them with a few toys to give you those few minutes to do what you need to get done 🙂


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Christmas is coming

Yep it is. I’m one of those annoying people who has done pretty much all the shopping, the only thing left to get is the smaller presents (chocolates or alcohol) and wrapping paper. While I used to find the early Christmas shoppers super annoying, I completely understand why people do it.

Both of my children are born late in the year (October and December), plus I work 3 days a week and do the administration for my husband’s business. I simply don’t have time to battle Christmas crowds and the thought of a 72 hour late night shopping marathon at Chadstone turns my stomach (I would much rather be home relaxing with a sangria in the sunshine). Plus, I don’t want to wait until things start to get sold out. The best part about my Christmas shopping is that I have barely left the house to get any of it. I got in early and ordered online, before the Australia Post gets overwhelmed and slow.

I thought I would share some of my favourite online stores for Christmas shopping: 

Kmart: Great for kids toys (especially little stocking stuffers) and cute stuff for around home. Really quick postage too.
Target: Look out during the year and buy the kids toys online during big sales. Also great for kids/babies clothing.
Big W: Another great one for little ones. Good range available online. Big W also stock Peter Morrisey and Kardashian Kids that is available online.
Best and Less: Check them out for jammies, good sales on Bonds and great specials on kids clothes.
Australia Post: Don’t hit the shops, grab vouchers online. So much easier for when you’re not sure what to buy thay special someone.
▫ The Iconic: Really quick postage, great returns policy and quality brands. Always good for something for hubby. They also have some really good sales to look out for.
Myer: Has something for everyone. Mum, dad, kids and grandparents. Always reliable for great gifts
Next Direct: check them out for kids clothes and jammies. Great quality and free postage.
Australian Geographic : Really good presents for kids. Their website separates gifts into age categories so wonderful when buying for nieces and nephews.
Village Cinema: You can’t go wrong with a gold class voucher.
▫ Chemist Warehouse : Always good to purchase fragrances at great prices. You can also pick up some new make up for your Christmas functions.

I always try to find stores that offer free shipping to save the extra $$$ and get in early so there is available stock and you’re not waiting for postage.

Avoid the Christmas crowds and order on line. Actually why not log on now and get shopping. It’s such a relief when it’s all wrapped and under the tree.

Rachelle xx

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Packing for an outing

We were headed out on the weekend and I was getting everything together.  I was ready, children were dressed, dog fed, husband peacefully relaxing on the couch and taking his time to get ready while I scurry about like a mad woman.

I started to think about what I take out for my kids and how I used to constantly forget things or not know what to take.  While I still sometimes forget bits and pieces I pretty much have it sorted. I thought I would share my going out essentials for any new mums or mums who have forgotten since their last bub (I certainly did).

● Nappy essentials.  Nappies, wipes, creams and bags. I use wipes for everything. Not just for nappy changes. I  wipe hands, clean seats, wipe trollies, clean up dirt….the list is endless. I also always include scented bags for dirty nappies as there might not always be an appropriate place to dispose them.

● Change of clothes.  Very important. I always take a change of clothes for both children. If we are going to be out for awhile, I take a couple of changes. I also often leave a spare top for myself and my husband in the car as our little girl vomits quite a bit and no one wants to walk around smelling of baby vomit. 

● Plastic bag or some kind of pouch for dirty clothing or burp cloths. You really don’t want to get everything else in your nappy bag dirty. Plus it’s easy just to empty the contents straight into the washing machine when you get home.

● A few swaddles. These can be used to cover your baby, drape over the pram to block sunlight, burp cloth or simply pop on the floor so bub can have a lay down.

● A book, stickers or small toys (also, spare dummy if you use one). I often have these in the car too. Saves me packing each time. They often come in handy.

● Healthy snacks.  You always want to have something on hand, nothing worse than being stuck in traffic with a hungry, screaming little person. I often use rusks, boxed sultanas or cut up fruit.

● Small bottle of hand sanitiser.  No explanation needed.

● Think of the weather. If it’s cold pack a warm blanket, extra jackets and beanie. For warmer days don’t forget hats and sunscreen.

● I always have a towel in the car.  It comes in handy if you have an unexpected poop or vomit explosion.

● Water and snacks for mum. Especially if you’re breastfeeding. It’s easy to get wrapped up in your children and forget to eat. I always have a bottle of water and some muesli bars or rice crackers on hand.

Having everything you need when going out really does make life easier. It might take a little more time to get organised, but you will be thankful.

Rachelle xx

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Hip Dysplasia – Scarlett’s story

My baby girl Scarlett has DDH (developmental dysplasia of the hip). She was very cramped inside my tummy and must have been in an awkward position.  The day she was born the pediatrician said he could feel her left hip moving in and out of the socket. She was referred for an ultra sound at 4 weeks old.The ultrasound showed Scarletts left  hip was completely dysplastic and were were referred to a specialist. Two days later we attended the specialist,  he advised that since Scarlett’s hip was picked up so early (5 weeks) it should be completely curable and brace treatment would be effective.   Scarlett was placed in a Dennis Browne Bar brace 24 hours a day for 6 weeks.

We had a check up after 6 weeks and the hip is now in the socket. Scarlett is now allowed one hour out of her brace a day for tummy time and baths. Hopefully at her next check up the brace will be reduced to night time wear only and then not at all.  Scarlett has not been bothered by her brace, she is a very happy little girl.

Some tips I have found very useful are:

* Buy clothes a size bigger to go over the brace. Especially onesies and pants.

* Little legwarmers have been a lifesaver as they are 100% easier under little dresses than tights or leggings.

* I use my Ergo baby carrier almost everyday. It is so easy to use with the brace. Worth every cent.

* Scarlett is still being swaddled so large swaddle wraps helped as they have enough room for the brace.

* I brought kids tube socks (3 pairs for $7) and cut them to wear under the brace to prevent the brace rubbing and irritating her legs.


Baby legs leg warmers & Ergo carrier

When Scarlett was first diagnosed with DDH I was incredibly silly and looked on the Internet.  There are so many horror stories, I was very worried and felt sick wondering what our journey would bring. I wanted to share our experience as overall it’s been positive. We are just incredibly thankful that  the pediatrician picked up her hip early. If he didn’t, my health nurse wouldn’t have felt anything and the problem wouldn’t have been noticed until Scarlett started walking. If hip dyplasia is diagnosed later there are more problems and the treatment is more complex (often involving surgery).

There is currently a petition for mandatory bulk billed ultrasounds in newborns to reduce the risk of late diagnosis of DDH, feel free to sign to help the cause.  Sign now – to reduce late diagnosis of DDH


Little Scarlett rocking her hip brace on the weekend! 

Rachelle xx

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