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Face first

I have had a lot of facials in my time. I love a little fluff and buff but I’m now a time poor mother of two who needs results and I want them fast.

While I always left my facials feeling refreshed and hydrated the pigment in my skin, sun spots and spider veins still remained. I’m turning 36 next week and my skin needs a little more ‘heavy lifting’ than when I was a fresh faced 22 year old.

It’s so easy to feel a little lost after becoming a mum and having my skin looking and feeling great makes me feel more confident, plus it cuts down my time getting ready for work or to go out.

I recently went to Re.Plastic surgery for a consultation and treatment. I got the ‘Mummy glow’ package which is 90 minutes long, it includes combination of microdermobrasion and laser/IPL therapies. My skin is looking fresh, renewed and hydrated.

After one treatment my sun spots are a lot lighter and the spider veins are completely gone. I can also see the dark patches on my forehead are fading, my skin tone is more even and my pores look smaller. The best part is that there is no down time, so you can be back in your normal routine straight from your appointment. No one will even know at school pick up.

Here are some pics and videos of my first treatment, I will share more including before and after shots as I go.

If you would like to refresh your skin and have a little me time, just phone Re.plastic surgery and ask for the Mummy Glow package you will receive a fantastic discount and you will not be disappointed.

Rachelle xx

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My skin feels amazing – Nip + Fab

After a very busy long weekend of going out, take away, wine, late nights and early mornings (thanks to my little darlings). My skin was looking tired, dull and a little worse for wear.

I decided to try the Nip + Fab ‘Bee Sting Fix Lifting Mask’ as a little pick me up for my dry skin. All I can say is WOW!


Firstly, it’s a clear mask so my kids weren’t freaked out by their mother strolling around with a black or bright green mask on. Secondly, it’s simple to use and I only had to have it on for 10 minutes. I could feel it working its magic straight away.

I simply washed it off with warm water and was left with a hydrated, firm, smooth skin.  It can also be used as an intesive overnight mask if you just apply a thin layer and leave it on overnight. It’s a really nice, light mask that will leave your skin feeling great and won’t break the bank.

Check out  Nip + Fab online or @nipandfabau on Instagram.  Nip + Fab products are also available at Priceline and Target so you can always find it and have some on hand.  

I am certainly impressed with the results.


Rachelle xx

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Light My Fire Melbourne- Body Scrub

I was pretty under the weather last week as you may have seen on Instagram. When I get sick, it’s like my body wants to make me suffer for all those months of being well. Pounding headache, cough, sore throat, runny nose… you know the drill. The one that gets to me the most though, is body aches! Torturous!

Normally I would just have a bath to ease the aches. So the other night I jumped in the bath, actually more like rolled into the bath, and remembered I had some body scrub that I had been meaning to try out. I opened the bag and OH MY GOOD GOLLY!! Sweet scents of coffee and coconut. It seriously smells like you could throw it in the Kitchen Aid and make a cake with it. I get so disappointed with body scrubs that feel like they’re not scrubbing at all. This one actually feels like it’s doing it’s job. I’d say that’s because of the coffee and raw sugar granules. The Vitamin E and coconut oil leave your legs feeling simply divine.

I can’t speak highly enough about this body scrub. It’s by far the best one I’ve tried!! So good, that I gave some to my Mum and a friend because I wanted them to share in the awesomeness.

The genius that created this goodness in a bag is Natalie from Light My Fire Melbourne Seriously, give it a try. Only $18.00 AUD a bag and it’s worth every single cent. You won’t regret it and your body will loooove you for it!


Ange xx

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