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Face first

I have had a lot of facials in my time. I love a little fluff and buff but I’m now a time poor mother of two who needs results and I want them fast.

While I always left my facials feeling refreshed and hydrated the pigment in my skin, sun spots and spider veins still remained. I’m turning 36 next week and my skin needs a little more ‘heavy lifting’ than when I was a fresh faced 22 year old.

It’s so easy to feel a little lost after becoming a mum and having my skin looking and feeling great makes me feel more confident, plus it cuts down my time getting ready for work or to go out.

I recently went to Re.Plastic surgery for a consultation and treatment. I got the ‘Mummy glow’ package which is 90 minutes long, it includes combination of microdermobrasion and laser/IPL therapies. My skin is looking fresh, renewed and hydrated.

After one treatment my sun spots are a lot lighter and the spider veins are completely gone. I can also see the dark patches on my forehead are fading, my skin tone is more even and my pores look smaller. The best part is that there is no down time, so you can be back in your normal routine straight from your appointment. No one will even know at school pick up.

Here are some pics and videos of my first treatment, I will share more including before and after shots as I go.

If you would like to refresh your skin and have a little me time, just phone Re.plastic surgery and ask for the Mummy Glow package you will receive a fantastic discount and you will not be disappointed.

Rachelle xx

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Dinner doesn’t have to be a marathon

Being a working mum I love a quick tasty dinner and it ‘s always a bonus if I can incorporate some veggies too.

I have always been a fan of Marathon foods and my kids love their puffy dogs. While they would love to eat them every day, I see them as a treat and would prefer they eat something more balanced.

I recently discovered that Marathon foods now make a range of easy heat and eat meals in their Chef Direct range. There are meatballs, lamb shanks and even a beef hot pot. My favourite is the Con Carne mild chilli beef and bean. They are all so versitile and really good for if you haven’t done any meal prep or forgot to defrost the meat for dinner.

Tonight I whipped up some tasty and healthy mexican bowls which everyone loved. I used the Marathon foods mild chilli beef and bean mix (straight from the pantry), added some capsicum, corn, garlic and tomatoes. Fried it up in the pan

Next I boiled some quinoa and brown rice, made a quick guacamole. At this point I realised I had no corn chips so I toasted some pita pockets under the grill with olive oil, a touch of cumin and garlic salt.

Then I popped everything in a bowl, added sour cream (with chopped coriander in it), grated cheese and some rocket.

Dinner was on the table within 15 minutes and tasted amazing! The most time consuming part was boiling the rice, but really you could use the pre boiled packet rice and cut even more time off your dinner prep.

If you haven’t already it’s worth checking out the Marathon chef direct range, perfect to have on hand for busy nights. They would also be great for a quick lunch or a gourmet camping meal.

Rachelle xx

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The perfect Bluetooth speaker is here….

My kids love music and watching movies on our tablets and phones. I have been on the hunt for a decent Bluetooth speaker for awhile now, after purchasing one that was terrible quality, with no battery life that eventually broke after just a couple of uses I discovered the Mini LifeJacket III  from Altec Lansing.

This little speaker is fantastic and so durable (very important with little sticky hands around). We have used it a lot;  out on our deck, at the park, the lake and when we have gone on picnics.  The 16 hour battery life is fantastic and it will hold up against the elements. The Mini LifeJacket III is even buoyant so if you are doing a spot of fishing  or hanging out at the kiddie pool and it gets dropped in the water it will float.   The sound quality is really good and if your phone rings the speaker will still work so you don’t miss any calls.

You can pick up one of these beauties at Ananconda,  The Good Guys or Target.

Check us out having a picnic at the Redwood Forest in Warburton (Melbourne, AU). We took our Mini LifeJacket III with us and had some tunes pumping while we relaxed in the forest. Such great place to visit with kids, have a walk and a picnic. Perfect!!! 

Rachelle xx




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Quick getaway for the family 

After a busy year we wanted to get away for a night with the kids so they could enjoy Christmas in the city. We took the opportunity to stay at Holiday Inn (Flinders Street). 

This let us experience all the Christmas action that Melbourne had to offer, we had a small break and we didn’t have to deal with screaming tired kids on the drive home in the car. Holiday Inn is so close to everything that as soon as Scarlett rubbed her eyes and Hudson complained of being tired we were back in our room within 10 mintues. 

We went to Crown Casino, walked up to Bourke Street and caught a tram to Docklands (it’s in the free tram zone). Kids stay and eat for free so that is a real bonus. Plus, when we arrived ay our room there were little entertainment packs for the kids that included colouring books, stickers, crayons and brochures. These were a fantastic distraction at dinner.  The staff were really accomodating and our room was made up with a porta cot and trundle bed. 

We stayed in a suite so once the kids went to sleep my husband and I ordered room service (including delicious cocktails) and watched a movie. 

I was never sure about just going to the city for a night or two with kids but we all really enjoyed it.  All the family rooms on level four have been renovated and look amazing. It’s  the second time we have stayed at Holiday Inn and if you’re looking for somewhere family friendly and close to everything give them a call. Hudson and Scarlett are already asking to go back. 

Perfect for a school holiday getaway.

Rachelle xx 

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Going out? Stay organised.

Now Hudson is three and Scarlett is one, I’m at the point where a huge nappy bag isn’t required for every time I leave the house. Also, after having my babies just over 2 years apart I’m sick of carrying my nappy bag and want to use a normal handbag.

My husband recently bought me a beautiful handbag and I dont want it constantly full of nappies and snacks. I have been known to throw a couple of snacks and some nappies in the bottom of the pram, the problem with this is they sometimes stay there and finding a rotten banana or going to change a nappy only to discover it’s two sizes too small isn’t much help.

Recently I discovered Bellhop bags.  They keep everything organised and alow you to take what you need for a day out. 

* Each bag has a tab at the top to label, so you can see at a glance what each file contains.

* They come with pre-printed stickers for the tab, or you can write your own.

* Each bag has a durable mesh which allows you to see the contents and is easy to clean.

* There is a handy clip that easily attaches to your pram. Perfect for umbrella strollers that have no storage baskets underneath. I have also attached mine to a trolley when out shopping.

*You can easily unclip whatever files you don’t need so you don’t carry unnecessary items around.
* Bellhop bags are available in grey canvas with a red mesh, or in grey canvas with a blue mesh.

Bellhop bags help me to stay organised, allow me to change bags and I can pack for the days out without worrying about what handbag I am taking. I found that I can pop some money/phone in them and dont even need to take a bag. I have so many options as I can use some of my smaller handbags and clutches that I have had tucked away in the wardrobe for a few years. 



Rachelle xx

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No stress cake baking

I have never been much of a baker. I do love cooking, but because I don’t eat a lot of cake or biscuits. I have never felt the need to bother with baking. 

That was, until I had children. Kids love cake, they get excited about cake and pretty cakes make them very happy. I wanted to bake my sons first birthday cake, but after shopping around, trying to work out what shape to make and looking at the cost of all the decorations. It simply worked out to be cheaper and less stressful to order a cake for his party.

A couple of weeks ago I discovered Cake 2 the Rescue. An online store where you can order a cake kit and make a beautiful cake for any occasion. I wanted to give one a go.

Upon receiving my kit I was extremely impressed that I had everything perfectly proportioned to make an amazing cake. There was no need to buy food colouring or fondant in bulk. I only had to provide eggs and butter (which I already had in my fridge). The attention to detail is fantastic. The kit includes comprehensive instructions, stencils, fondant, candles, a cake board and even a little rolling pin.


One afternoon last week while the kids were asleep I baked my cake. Once it was cooled, I cut the shape using the stencil and using the detailed instructions, I started to decorate.  My three year old woke up halfway through. In a normal baking situation I would just stop so he wouldn’t stress me out while I was trying to concentrate. However, because Cake 2 the Rescue is so easy, he was able to help me roll the fondant and we had a lot of fun making our Rudolph creation together.

I was very happy with the end result. I will definitely recommend Cake 2 the Rescue to all my friends and I’m sure I will be ordering more of these kits in the future. They are so much fun and really good value.  There are cakes for every occasion, so you’re covered for every event.

If you would like to win a Cake 2 the Rescue kit, head over to my Instagram @themummycode and follow the instructions under the pic of Rudolph. You can also follow @cake2therescue on Instagram too.


Rachelle xx

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Ditch the microwave

Do you prepare and freeze your own baby food? Do you use a microwave to heat it up for your little one? I do….. Well, I used to. I was having a look around the Internet and came across Lillypots. It’s a product that allows you to easily defrost baby food over a pot of boiling water. No microwave, no heating up plastic pots or sachets.  This makes me very happy, when I spend time making delicious purees for my babies I want to make sure all the nutrients stay in the food and not have to worry about heating plastic.  Lillypots are so easy to use and clean, even my husband will use them.

Another bonus is that you can heat up three different types of puree and they stay separate, which is great for when you are introducing new foods to bub.

I purchased my Lillypot from Eat, Teeth, Sleep. When I told them how much I love it they offered to give all our readers 20% off if you use the code ‘LILLYPOT’ at checkout.

See the below pics for how easy it is to use:



Oh and this is Lucy, my friends little lady. I used Lillypots when she came over for a visit the other day. She seems pretty happy with the results. 


Have a wonderful weekend.

Rachelle xx

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My mummy must haves

There is a sea of post pregnancy and baby products.  It’s very overwhelming to know what works and what you will use. I thought I would share three of the products that have worked and been useful for me.

After reading that a belly wrap reduces the size of your swollen uterus, reduces water retention and helps you lose the wobbly mummy tummy I wanted to give it a go. I pretty much wore the post partum wrap all day everyday after having both my babies.  Once I started exercising I wore a sports belly wrap, I found the wraps assisted my stomach muscles to come together and provided support.  I used the baboosh baby range (by Brooke Burke) and purched online from the US. But I have seen belly wraps in Baby bunting and stores in Australia. Baboosh belly wrap

Me 11 – weeks post partum. After baby #2 in my baboosh belly exercise wrap.

When it came time to introduce solids to my little one. I found we were going through heaps of bibs that often ended up stained and added to my large pile of washing.  I now swear by washable, resuable bibs they can be rinsed clean and have a handy little catcher so the food ends up in the bib instead of on your sweetheats pants or floor. We now only use fabric bibs when we are out and about.  These are a fantastic baby shower gift. The ones pictured below can be purchased online Eat, teeth, sleep – easy rinse bib


Lastly, my son never liked being swaddled we tried a number of different sleeping bags. Eventually we found the Love to Dream swaddle. It allows your baby to have their arms above their head but they are still in the sleeping bag so they don’t wake themselves up with the startle reflex.  You can change the nappy while they are still in the bag  (perfect for dream feeds). These sleeping bags can be used from birth and are very durable. I’m now using them for my daughter too. Love to dream


Hudson on the right – loving his sleeping bag.

Happy Thursday!

Rachelle xx

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