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Hypoxi update 

I’m just over one month into my Hypoxi journey. A lot of people have been asking me about results and if it’s working. 

I am extremely happy to report that yes indeed it is working. I have noticed my skin elasticity has changed and I have lost a total of 15cm of my tummy, hips, thighs and knees (yep, who knew, even my knees were a little bit chubby). I haven’t really changed my diet and still enjoy a glass of wine. 

When I was approached by Hypoxi to try it I was quite skeptical and didn’t have high expectations. I recieved a lot of comments about how Hypoxi doesn’t work, can’t possibly work and is ridiculous. I have discovered that it actually does work.  I was really just looking to tone up and feel comfortable since having my kids. I went into this not expecting much of a loss. 15cm gone is a bonus and I’m very happy with it. My stomach feels much flatter and toned and so do my legs. 

Each week I have been 2 – 3 times and I’m in and out within an hour. Hypoxi is certainly not taking up much of my time and I find it quite relaxing.  Before I had kids I used to go to the gym 5 times a week. I just haven’t had the motivation to return and always made excuses. Since starting Hypoxi I realise I do have time.

I really wanted to make the most of this opportunity. So this week both my husband and I have started working out in the morning before work (hello 5am wake ups).  Once I’m out of bed and going I actually really enjoy it. It gives me energy and helps me make better food choices throughout the day. 

The one thing I have also noticed is that staff at Hypoxi are lovely. They really know their business make you feel comfortable and are happy to help with any questions.

If you’re thinking about it give the Hypoxi free trial a go or phone one of the studios and ask about it.  The studio I go to is super busy and I have seen men and women of all ages, fitness levels and sizes. It’s a very supportive environment and not threatening like some gyms can be.  I just wish I knew about it earlier. Hypoxi is perfect for shifting that post baby weight and wobble. 

I will post again with further results and photos. 

Rachelle xx 

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Quick tone up #mumbod

So this week something happened. A miracle? You could say that. This week I did something other than walk the dog, go food shopping and clean the house in my active wear.  I actually worked out.

Since having Scarlett over two years ago the most exercise I have done is run around at the park with the kids and walk the dog. While I walk a lot and have managed to get back to my post pregnancy weight I have been left with some bits that jiggle and wiggle a little more than I would like. Between working four days a week and two kids, there really wasn’t much time left for me to be going on huge runs or joining a gym and going there for hours on end. I tried the whole doing a quick workout while the kids sleep but I found it really hard to motivate myself to do it while I had so much housework to do.

Before I had children I did really enjoy exercise and went to the gym 4-5 times a week. It was never about losing weight for me it was more mental and I liked feeling toned. It gave me some time to clear my head.  These days, I seem to put the things I enjoy last and instead focus on what my family needs.

My body has changed since becoming a mum, I am thinner up top and tend to carry more wiggly bits around my stomach and thighs. I no longer feel toned and I miss that feeling. At no point do I want to be a gym junkie or health nut. I just don’t have the time and I enjoy food and wine waaaaay to much.  At the end of the day, I really just want to fee comfortable in my clothes and set a good example for my children.

Recently, I was approched to give Hypoxi a try through the #mumlifehack campaign. It’s gentle low impact exercise that can apparently help you achieve more results with less effort. Hypoxi is also meant to be more effective at targeted fat loss than other forms of exercise.  I’m no athlete and probably the most uncoordinated person I know so I figured that this sounds like it’s right up my alley.  I also liked the thought of targeted weight loss as I really don’t want to lose anymore weight around my chest. Am I skeptical? Well yes, of course. All my years at the gym taught me that targeted fat loss doesn’t happen.  I guess only time will tell and I will share my journey over the next couple of months to see my results. For now here is my first experience.

My first Hypoxi session started like any other gym session. Weigh in, measurements (ergghhh, I hate that part) and a chat about my expectations. The staff are really helpful, explain how everything works and answered my questions. My advice for the first session is not to just rock up in your ripped nanny knickers as all the measurements are done on skin so you end up with your pants around your ankles.  Thankfully, I had a tasteful pair of Bonds on, but I was worried what I was wearing for a few seconds when the lady told me to pull my pants down.  Anyway, I digress. I was then put into some sort of space suit that feels like bubble wrap is popping all over my tummy and legs. I am told to lay down and relax for 20 minutes (something I haven’t heard in years). Time flew by and before I knew it I was ushered to a sit down bicycle looking machine and I pop on what I can only describe as a skirt made of wet-suit material. This clips into the machine and I need to cycle for 30 minutes while vacuum pressure goes on and off around my lower body. I am instructed to keep my heart rate in the ‘fat burning zone’ (don’t worry, I had no idea what that  ‘zone’ was but the lovely lady explained it to me).  My 30 minutes was over fairly quickly and I can’t say I broke a sweat or was huffing and puffing. I enjoyed the time to myself and being able to watch Ellen in peace.  If this works, it definitely seems like a wonderful way to exercise. It’s low impact and you’re in and out before you know it.

I would say my first Hypoxi experience was a good one. I’m excited to see what results I get and will share my journey on the blog,  Facebook and Instagram along the way.

If you’re curious to try you can head to the Hypoxi website for a free trial.

Rachelle xx






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What is ‘it’?

In my daily struggle to keep on top of the latest entertainment news, I was tuned into E News – with your hosts Guilliana Rancic and Terrence J. Anyway, there was an entire segment on celebrity mums (moms) who still have ‘it’. On this list was Kim Kardashian, Gwen Stefani, Jessica Simpson and a few other colourful characters. All of whom look amazing after having children. A Million questions flooded my head….do I still have ‘it’?  What is ‘it’? How on earth do I get ‘it’, if I’m not even sure what ‘it’ is? Maybe I never had ‘it’? Is ‘it’ simply looking good after having children? If this is the is the case, who is the judge? Do the women on this list even know that they have ‘it’?

Oh no!! Pehaps I am too late, I already over use the words sassy, trendy and jazzy. Do I even know what fashion is these days? People I work with talk about hipsters. I think some of them may even be hipsters- they go against fashion, live by their own set of rules, they’re not ‘mainstream’. Perhaps I’m one of them?…nope I don’t have any dark rimmed glasses, sleeve tattoos or grey hair. On that topic. What happened to goths? Are they still around or are hipsters goths in disguise. I’m so confused.  Is it time to throw in the towel, pop on some mum jeans with New Balance (Jerry Seinfeld style), put a scrunchie in my hair and switch the car stereo to talkback radio.

I am up to date with all the latest TV and celebrity goss (mainly because I’m trapped in a house with a toddler and a baby). However, I am such a mum that I can almost speak fluent Spanish because of Dora. At a moments notice I could break into a medly of Frozen songs and sing them at the top of my lungs like a teenager at a One Direction concert.  My once clean car resembles a Lollypops play centre and even though I hate to admit it, high heels are starting to become inconvenient as I can’t run around with my son easily.

My final question to myself was do I even want ‘it’? Ummm well yes, yes I do. Who wouldn’t? I want my husband to think I am the best wife and I want my children to think they have the trendiest (haha I said trendy), funkiest and most loving mum in the world. For now I think, I do have ‘it’. My babies are too small to know what ‘it’ is and my husband is probably in the same boat as me or just doesn’t care.

Let me know if you have ‘it’ ladies…or if you can provide me with a clear explanation. Clearly I have no idea!

Rachelle xx

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Feature Mummy – Memoirs of a mama

A few weeks ago we asked you to share  your story. Memoirs of a mama (@memoirs_of_a_mama) aswered our call. She is sharing her motherhood experience on Instagram, is hilarious and will be starting a blog soon. Here is a little story she shared about her feelings after the birth of her little girl:

Its Sunday night and I am sitting here on my couch in my maternity nightie…Yes Thats right I still wear my maternity nightie 6 months after giving birth. It’s not because I hold sentimental memories of my bump and how it once looked in my floral oversized Moo Moo but because I am yet to muster up the courage to go back into Peter Alexander and buy something remotely appealing to my Husband. When I say appealing I mean sleep wear that does not have a cartoon character or a floral creation on it. As I sit/slouch on my couch with a jar of Nutella carefully positioned in between my legs whilst strategically attempting to breastfeed Mini Mee the amazingly talented and “Ohhh so’ beautiful Carrie Bickmore walks/sashays/glides down the Logies Red Carpet dressed in a figure hugging dress that shows off each and every inch of her body. 6 weeks after giving birth. I can’t help but not stick my spoon back into the Nutella jar and scoop out an even bigger mountain of chocolate and let out a small whimper.

6 weeks after giving birth. I didn’t even look as good as Karl Stefanovic the morning after. 6 weeks after giving birth I was as yellow as Bart Simpson due to the amount of blood I had lost during my labour, my friends and  family were convinced that I had Jaundice because my 6 week old had healthier looking skin than me and she had been born Purple so go figure. 6 weeks after giving birth I was still walking around in a Moo Moo and if I was to be wearing (a similar but much larger size dress) like Carrie’s I would have had millions of Australian’s world wide asking for a discount on corrective eye surgery as the image of my oversized, rock hard, veiny breasts would have been etched into their memory for ever. 6 weeks after giving birth if anyone was to mention the word baby.  I would have been able to make lattes and cappuccinos for each and every guest on that Red Carpet free of charge all they needed was to supply their own polystyrene cup and place it underneath each breast. 6 weeks after giving birth the colour white or any colour that wasn’t black was not even allowed to be anywhere near me. In fact, if I even attempted to put an item of clothing on that was not dark in colour or oversized my body would reject it immediately and I would break out into a heat rash and swell from fear of people being able to see my new found squishiness and excess baby love. 6 weeks after giving birth I couldn’t glide or strut I was still wearing a nappy and whenever I wasn’t wearing a nappy I was squatting over ice packs.
Carrie Bickmore, 6 weeks after giving birth there you are on the Red Carpet looking like you may have sneezed out your baby out of your ear. I am in awe of how incredible you look and I am envious of the confidence that beams out of you. Thank you for inspiring me to not take a second spoonful of Nutella and thank you for making me vow to get off the couch and not just wear my Lorna Janes around the house. Thank you for inspiring me to venture outside and be more active. All this will start tomorrow. Tomorrow is a new day… A new me… Tomorrow is going to be cold though…windy.. rainy even… Might need to start these vows on Tuesday.

Memoirs of a Mama

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Well done Mumma

Taking on the role of a Mother often means praise is few and far between. If you haven’t heard some praise today, I’m writing to you. Well done!

Well done to the Mumma who has to leave her babies in other peoples care, while she goes to work to earn money to feed her family and keep a roof over their heads.

Well done to the Mumma who stays at home with her kids every single day. An incredibly challenging task but well worth every second. You’re doing an amazing job.

Well done to the Mumma who spent an hour cooking a meal that only received 2 bites and a “yuck” comment. Whilst it didn’t seem like it, your efforts of creating a home cooked meal were appreciated.

Well done to the Mumma who fed her child potato chips for dinner because they wouldn’t eat anything else. Your children were fed and they won’t go to bed hungry. A luxury many children in the world rarely experience.

Well done to the future Mumma. You’re growing a human being and you’re going to be a wonderful Mumma who will experience a love like no other.

Well done to the woman who is trying to be a Mumma. An incredibly difficult task both mentally and physically. I’m cheering you on!

Well done to the Father who is “Mumma”. You’re taking on two roles. An unknown territory to many. I take my hat off to you.

Well done to the Mumma who is also a father. Not everyone has a mother and father. You’re doing a top notch job of taking on two roles.

Well done to the Mumma whose toddler had a meltdown in the supermarket, the car, the home and the bath. You’ve held it together and tomorrow will be a new day.

Well done to the Mumma whos house feels like it hasn’t been cleaned in a year. You have a house for your babies, that’s what is important.

Well done to every single Mumma out there whether you’re a mumma, mumma to be, trying to be a mumma or a father who is a mumma. I applaud you. You’re doing a wonderful job of raising human beings and whilst you might feel like you’re not cutting sandwiches the right way or reading the right story book, you’re trying and that’s what truly matters. Well done.

Ange xx

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My mummy must haves

There is a sea of post pregnancy and baby products.  It’s very overwhelming to know what works and what you will use. I thought I would share three of the products that have worked and been useful for me.

After reading that a belly wrap reduces the size of your swollen uterus, reduces water retention and helps you lose the wobbly mummy tummy I wanted to give it a go. I pretty much wore the post partum wrap all day everyday after having both my babies.  Once I started exercising I wore a sports belly wrap, I found the wraps assisted my stomach muscles to come together and provided support.  I used the baboosh baby range (by Brooke Burke) and purched online from the US. But I have seen belly wraps in Baby bunting and stores in Australia. Baboosh belly wrap

Me 11 – weeks post partum. After baby #2 in my baboosh belly exercise wrap.

When it came time to introduce solids to my little one. I found we were going through heaps of bibs that often ended up stained and added to my large pile of washing.  I now swear by washable, resuable bibs they can be rinsed clean and have a handy little catcher so the food ends up in the bib instead of on your sweetheats pants or floor. We now only use fabric bibs when we are out and about.  These are a fantastic baby shower gift. The ones pictured below can be purchased online Eat, teeth, sleep – easy rinse bib


Lastly, my son never liked being swaddled we tried a number of different sleeping bags. Eventually we found the Love to Dream swaddle. It allows your baby to have their arms above their head but they are still in the sleeping bag so they don’t wake themselves up with the startle reflex.  You can change the nappy while they are still in the bag  (perfect for dream feeds). These sleeping bags can be used from birth and are very durable. I’m now using them for my daughter too. Love to dream


Hudson on the right – loving his sleeping bag.

Happy Thursday!

Rachelle xx

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