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Feature mum Q&A – Rachel @insta.beauty.mummy 

Rachel is a beautiful, stylish working mum of two little boys (Max and Leo). She has an amazing Instagram account where she gives us some wonderful tips and tricks with make-up and beauty products. I had the opportunity to ask her some questions.  

Hey Rachel welcome to The Mummy Code, tell us a little bit about yourself and your family.

  • What do you enjoy most about being a mum? Watching your children grow and adapt their own little personalities. I find it fascinating how much they learn and just how individual they actually are. I also can’t go past their cuddles and smooches! THE BEST! 
  • What do you find the hardest? I can be quite impatient at times, so trying to keep calm when they are pressing my buttons is probably what I find the hardest.  
  • How do you balance work and mum life? I don’t know to be honest! I think it probably helps that I am super organised and like order. I actually love the balance of my career and being a mum. I get great satisfaction from the both and I wouldn’t change it. I also hope it sets a great example for my children that women can be mums, but can also have a successful career, and on the same token, dads can also have their careers but parenting and housework is a shared responsibility. 
  • What are you three makeup or beauty products that you can’t live without? Haha! Just 3? OK here they: 1. Fake tan. 2. Lash extensions. 3. Concealer. 
  • Tanning hints or tips? Exfoliate really well the day before tanning, and use cetaphil lotion every day to stop it from cracking or fading. 
  • Who is your style icon? Hard one but probably Jessica Alba. She is effortless chic, down to earth, gorgeous on the inside also and a career woman as well as being a mum. 
  • What is your favourite way to spend time as a family? We have absolutely been loving the pool lately. The boys are at a really good age to enjoy it and they have an absolute ball. Watching them laugh and play all day long is priceless. 

Thank you for answering my questions. 

Rachelle xx 

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Speak up

I’m a capable woman, organised, driven and a fast learner so being a mum should just be a breeze……Well that’s what I thought.  That was until someone with 10 little fingers, 10 little toes and a little button nose came into my world and flipped it upside down. 

I knew that motherhood has it’s ups and downs but nothing could have prepared me. 

Hudson was born early and had reflux so we were off to a rocky start. He screamed in the cot, he screamed in the car and he screamed in the pram. I had never been so tired in my life and I felt completely out of control. 

I was an absolute mess, I didn’t want to leave the house, breastfeeding wasn’t easy as I was expressing and trying to feed. 

My new little baby was so loved but how on earth was I going to cope. Of course, looking back now I realise this is a small time and at some point your child sleeps. However, when you’re in a hormonal, emotional, sleepless haze there seems like there is no way out and you will never sleep again. 

I had days where I didn’t get out of my pyjamas, I would cry and I was incredibly jealous as my husband was able to leave the house to go to work. I had people around offering all sorts of advice and help but I didn’t hear them. 

My husband was helping and being very supportive. The reality was, he was just as tired as me and running a business.  I didn’t want to admit that I wasn’t coping. It seemed like eveyone else around me was loving motherhood, had it together and I had no clue. I felt alone. 

One day I was crying on the phone to my mum and I said ‘ I’m not good at this. Why can’t I do this?’ She simply replied ‘it will be ok, you will be ok’. Immediately I felt better. I felt like I had admitted defeat and just it saying out loud felt better. 

From that day on I vowed to always be open and honest about my feelings. I love being a mum more than anything, but motherhood is hard. It’s stressful and there is guilt….oh boy is there guilt. Even four years down the track with two children I still stress about tantrums, sleep schedules and health etc.  I don’t think this ever changes, it just becomes different. I’m sure my own mum is still worried about me. 

I want to be the best mother possible. In order to do this I need to take care of myself.  If you’re not coping, unhappy or depressed speak up. I always thought people would judge. No one is judging as we have all been there in one way or another. 

Rachelle xx 

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The hidden gems of pregnancy

From the moment you see the two pink lines (or digital 2-3 weeks pregnant) flash before your eyes, your life changes in so many ways. You read books, Google and dowload apps that  compare your bundle of joy to the size of fruit and vegetables.  These resources also gloss over pregnancy symptoms – nausea, weight gain, being uncomfortable, varicose veins etc…..but that’s it, they kind of just gloss over them. While not everyone has the same pregnancy problems let me tell you the truth about a few of mine:

▫ Sweating – this was one of the first symptoms I noticed. It started early on and stuck around the whole time. I was hot and not in a sexy way. In a overweight, sweaty mess kind of way.

▫Le chocolate royales – by chocolate royales, I mean nipples. One of my friends ans I constantly joked about these. Your once pink or peachy colour nipples go a shade or ten darker. Obviously something in preparation for breastfeeding (and they do return to normal). Yet, it’s still quite a shock when you realise your nipples looking like chocolate royals sitting on top of white veiny (sore) mountains.

▫Veins  –  see above post regarding the veiny white mountains. You chest and pretty much most of your bits resemble a road map. Veins appear that you never knew existed. 

▫Hair growth – some women report amazing thick luscious hair during pregnancy. My hair certainly got thicker, but I wasn’t able to enjoy it as I was too hot and sweaty to have it hanging around. Plus, I was too busy shaving my legs and armpits that seemed to develop some sort of 5 o’clock shadow situation. All my hair was growing and it was growing fast, I felt like a Kardashian sister (pre all the laser hair removal) it was intense.

▫Leakage – Things leak, no one warned me that colostrum can leak prior to your baby being born. Both pregnancies I had leakage issues from around 20 weeks, that’s halfway.  Basically I spent 20 weeks using breast pads and trying to ensure that my leaks remained undercover. Compleatly exhausting when your already dealing with all the sweat and extra hair growth.

▫Heart burn – I never really had heartburn before I was pregnant. By the end of both my pregnancies I was skulling mylanta like a champion and wouldn’t go anywhere or eat anything unless I had a supply of chewy quik eze on hand. Water was giving me heartburn, eating quik eze was giving me heart burn. I would awake at 3am feeling like my stomach was burning in the depths of hell and all I could do was sleep sitting slightly upright (not comfortable when your already being kicked from the inside)


▫ Pointer sisters – oh yes, in addition to your chocolate royals. Your nipples get extremely pointy. I could have given directions, dialed a phone or danced to Stayin’ alive with mine. They take a bit of getting used to and just as you begin to embrace your finger nipples, they are back to normal.

▫Hickie – you may have heard of people being hangry (hungry/angry). Well when you’re pregnant you have a new feeling I like to call ‘Hickie’ (hungry/sickie). It’s the feeling where you’re not sure if you’re hungry or feeling sick or both?!?!


▫ Swelling – everything swells and puffs. I only put on 12 – 14kg with both of my pregnancies. However things still ‘puffed up’ cheeks, fingers, breasts, hoo ha. Your thighs begin to rub together and whisper sweet nothings as you walk. Your boobs are BIG, and not Hollywood plastic surgery big. Kind of swollen to the point that the cleavage resembles a butt crack.


While these little pregnancy gems do not sound pleasant, they pretty much go back to normal once you have your bub. If they dont, who really cares. As long as you’re baby and you are healthy this is a small price to pay.  It’s always good to be prepared, know what can happen and have a laugh. The one thing you will never be prepared for is the love you will feel when that little baby is placed into your sweaty, hairy, puffy arms. All is forgotten!


Rachelle xx

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One of each – Congratulations!

Yes, I have a son and a daughter. Almost everytime people find this out, I am greeted with a comment like ‘well done’, ‘aren’t you clever’, ‘that’s a perfect family’ or my favourite ‘you must be happy, you got one of each’.

Let me tell you, it has nothing to do with being clever. I didn’t try to have a boy and a girl. I was simply trying to have a baby. Growing up, I always thought I would like a daughter one day. However, when my son was born 6 weeks early, I saw first hand how quickly things can take a turn for the worse.   After days of heart rate monitoring and worry, I was just happy to be holding a healthy baby.   There are parents holding the hands of sick children everywhere, I’m sure they dont care if it’s their son or daughter. As a parent you just want a healthy and happy child.

The ‘clever’ people are the doctors and nurses who care for you throughout your pregnancy and help deliver a healthy baby, the doctors that look after sick babies/children and the people assisting women and men experience parenthood with IVF. I am certainly not in that category. I simply got pregnant twice and just happened to be lucky enough to have two healthy children – one boy and one girl. 

Also, people often ask if I want more children and it’s like I am given the ‘ok’ by them to not have anymore because I already have one of each? ‘Oh, a boy and a girl, how wonderful. You don’t need anymore’. Where on earth is this mentality coming from and why do people feel the need to even comment on such a personal issue?  I can honestly say even if I had a second baby boy,  I would still have stopped at two children. It had nothing to do with the sex of my second child, it was a decision by my husband and I. A choice we made for our future and the fact that we are happy with two healthy children.

We need to stop the silly comments, shaming, questions and judgements on parents. Just because a family has three boys or four girls is doesn’t mean they are unhappy. It doesn’t even mean they kept having children so they could get a boy or a girl. It may simply mean they want a big family?  Next time you see someone with two or more children, don’t comment on the sex of the child,  don’t congratulate them for having a pigeon pair or look at them disappointed because they have two boys. Just tell them they have beautiful children…..if you can’t even manage this, say nothing at all.

As a mother I don’t need the appoval or praise from others, especially strangers. I didn’t pick the sex of my children, I’m just doing my best to be a good mother, regardless of if my child is a boy or a girl.


Rachelle xx

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Hey everyone! My name is Ebony-Rose and I am a 22 year old wife and mother.

Four months ago I became a Mummy to, in my opinion, the most perfect little guy on the planet and my life changed forever, but not in the way people seem to think it would!
When people look through my social media they will see a lot of baby spam, selfies and a lot of food photos, and once they see this I always get the same question… “Who looks after your baby?” and I always give them the same answer “I do, he’s always with us!”

My husband is a chef and eating out has always been a big part of our relationship. We have always enjoyed trying new places, appreciating great meals and just love the experience of going out. When I fell pregnant I was determined that that aspect of our lives would not change, and it hasn’t. We still frequently go out, I still get my hair and nails done, I still go out with friends… I just have a little human with me!

I get a lot of questions about how I do this, so I thought this Guest Blog would be the perfect opportunity to share a few tips on how to keep on living life when you have a baby!

  1. Get your baby used to it:
    I have to admit I am extremely lucky. Leo is a really happy and easy going baby. But still, we have gotten him accustomed to being out and about. The day I came out of hospital, when he was not even 24 hours old, we met my best friend for coffee. So we definitely started him young! We kept him around noise so he had no issues sleeping in a bustling café.
  2. Don’t be ashamed:
    Babies cry. End of story. There are going to be days when you are “that woman” with the screaming baby in the restaurant. Scoop them up, take them outside and settle them, and if anyone gives you a dirty look keep your head held high. Why should you sit at home all day in fear your baby will cry in public?
    On this note though, please don’t ignore your crying baby. Other people are there to enjoy their meal. If your baby is full on crying, be courteous and go outside as to not disturb others.
  3. Be prepared:
    If you know when your baby is due for a feed try and plan to go out after this so they are settled and hopefully will sleep. My little one eats at 6pm, so I always book dinner at 7pm and 99% of the time he sleeps through our dinner date. Make sure wherever you are eating is pram friendly and are happy to accommodate your child. There are some places that wont and that’s fine, there are also plenty that will.
  4. Enjoy yourself:
    Your baby is not the end of your fun. It just means it takes a little bit more planning and some patience, but I promise it is possible! Not to mention your little one will hopefully develop great restaurant manners and people skills by being out and about.


I hope this has given you a little more confidence to head out with your new baby and that you can go out and enjoy yourself!




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Super sneaky sausage rolls

I know sausage rolls aren’t 100% healthy as they are encased in delicious pastry. They are an easy lunch or dinner, can be frozen and you can easily sneak some veggies in there. Make sure all your veggies are grated and no one will ever know.

One packet of puff pastry
500g of lean mince beef or sausage mince
3 eggs
1 onion
1 grated carrot
1 tomato
Bunch of parsley
Teaspoon of garlic
Teaspoon of seeded mustard
Handful of spinach
1 small zucchini
(Any other sneaky veg you like)
Pinch of salt
Small cup of milk

▫Preheat oven to 200°c
▫Lay out your pastry and cut each sheet in half.
▫Combine all ingredients in a bowl (except 1 egg and the milk). Mix thoroughly to ensure the veggies are mixed through.
▫Make egg wash using by combining 1 egg and small amount of milk.
Place mixture in centre of pastry and brush egg wash on the edge to ensure it sticks.
▫Brush egg wash on top of rolls and pierce with fork or skewer (you can also add some poppy seeds, sesame seeds or crushed pumpkin seeds to the top) ▫Bake for 20 mins at 200°c and then reduce heat to 180°c and bake until golden (approx 5-10 mins)

Serve with bbq or tomato sauce.


Rachelle xx


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Mini Mars Bar cones

A great party treat and easy for little hands to hold without getting melted, sticky chocolate everywhere.

1 packet of mini Mars Bars or 4 large Mars Bars chopped
100 g butter
3 cups of rice bubbles
1 block Cadbury milk chocolate

1 packet of mini waffle ice cream cones (**if you can’t find mini cones just cut the large ones to size)

Combine Mars Bars and butter in a saucepan. Stir over low heat, without boiling, until the mixture is smooth
Stir in Rice Bubbles and press mixture evenly into small cones
Melt the chocolate in the microwave on a low setting, stirring every 20 seconds
Drizzle over top of cones and decorate with chocolate buds if desired.


Mini Mars bar cones😋😋
This pic also has caramel corn cones – I will pop this recipe up soon.


Rachelle xx

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