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It doesn’t grow on trees

I’m the first to admit that I’m not a perfect mother. I love a cheeky bribe and am often the first to point out the realities of parenthood. In saying that, I do like to set a good example for Hudson and Scarlett. They see my husband and I going to work to support them and I think it’s extremely important to teach them the value of money.

Sometimes this is easier said than done as I want to give them what they want but I know that this is not teaching anyone anything.

To help them understand how finances work we play shops at home and I get them to save their money in their money boxes and I put the money into their bank accounts when they are full.

If they are desperate for a toy they are now at an age where they can do some small chores and save their cash until they can afford the toy. This really makes it more exciting as they understand that you can’t just ‘get’ everything you want straight away.

We use the Westpac Bump Savings account, This nifty little account is designed to encourage positive savings habits early in life. Better yet if your bub was born in 2017 they will receive a $200 deposit, which they can access when they turn 16,  when you open an account for them before May 2018 (conditions apply, head to Westpac for further information).

Why not start an account for your little one? We can’t all be perfect parents but we can strive to give our children the best start in life.

Rachelle xx

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Working mum tips

Since returning to work after having my daughter I have had to stay super organised so everything doesn’t get out of hand at home. I worked after having my son but now with an extra person there is more washing, food prep and just general mess. My husband does help, but he works six days a week and long hours so he does what he can.

Here are some of my working mum tips:
● Meal prep: spend some tipe cooking and freezing. I often spend a Sunday afternoon making baby food, pasta sauce and casseroles that I can pop in the freezer and quickly reheat for healthy meals after work.

● Shop smart: if you dont have time to get to the shops order online. I also always have some frozen vegetables in the freezer so I can whip up a quick stir fry after work.

● Pack at night: I pack childcare bags and lunches the night before. It saves things being forgotten in the morning rush.

● Think ahead: I constantly use lists and calendars to make sure I am on top of everything. Without these everything would fall apart and I would remember nothing.

● Label everything: Things get lost at childcare. Why spend all your cash replacing lost clothes. Pop labels on everything so it’s easier for childcare to keep all belongings together.

● Take shortcuts: we have a dishwasher, this makes life so much easier. I also cook simple healthy meals on the nights I work. I don’t attempt new recipies or Masterchef dinners. It’s just not worth the heartache.

● Don’t procrastinate: I sometimes spend a day thinking about my annoying large pile of washing. I find if I just tackle it and get it out of the way, my mind is free and I enjoy my day. With no yukky pile of washing hanging over my head.

● Ask for help: I learnt that my husband doesn’t mind helping around the place but he often does doesn’t know where to start. I ask him for help and things get done. If I wait for him to just do things….well…..I would still be waiting.

● Stick to a routine: children love routine and so do I. It helps me know what I need to and what gets done next. Of course we relax on the weekend but we pretty much stick to a routine on weekdays to keep life predictable and easy.

Don’t be to hard on yourself. Being a working mum is hard. Things don’t go to plan and life is always changing. Being organised helps me stay on top of everything. I’m no super woman, I take short cuts, loose my temper and hate getting out of bed. I use the tips above to muddle through. If all else fails order take away and pour a wine.

Rachelle xx

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