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School Holiday fun 

Looking for a little something to keep the kids occupied this school holidays? 

No one wants to be stuck in the house with cabin fever everyday so why no get out and check out what Melbourne has to offer. I have narrowed down some of my favourites below.  

Diamond Valley Minature trains 

This little gem is open every Sunday from 11am and Wednesday afternoons on school holidays. It’s a park with a minature train track that you can ride on with the kids. 

The track is complete with tunnels and bridges which makes for an exciting ride. At $3 per person per ride it’s not going to break the bank. You can take a picnic lunch here and relax in the shade or let the kids burn some energy in the playground.  I would recommend getting there early as there can be lines. 

Oakridge Wines kids cooking class 

Why not take the lovely drive out to the Yarra Valley and get the kids cooking. 

The cooking class at Oakridge Winery is so much fun. The kids go off and pick herbs, learn about making flour and make a delicious pizza. I watched and assisted as Hudson is younger, but if you have older children you can bring a friend and enjoy lunch in the beautiful restaurant while sampling some of the delightful wines. 

You can contact Oakridge Wines to book for the upcoming holidays. 

Lights by Dreamworks  

The lights by Dreamworks exhibition is at the Rosebud foreshore these Easter holidays. 

It’s a magical wonderland of beautiful lanterns from all the kids favourite Dreamworks movies. Kung fu panda, Madacascar, Puss in boots and How to train your dragon are just some of the amazing movies that are brought to life with huge lanterns. 

There is craft activities, rides, food stalls and your kids may even run into some of their favourites in real life. 

For further information and tickets head to the website.  

Smurfs high tea at the Langham 

This school holidays the Smurfs are taking over The Langham’s high tea. 

Join Papa Smurf and the gang for an afternoon of delicious Smurfy approved treats and school holiday fun. 

Contact The Langham for further information.


The National Gallery is always a favourite of mine to take the kids. It’s a great day out that is 100% free. 

The kids area is wonderful and currently has Patrick Pound: The Great Exhibition on display.  It’s an interactive activity trail that takes children on an expedition. 

Holiday Inn – Staycation Melbourne 

Since Melbourne has so much to offer it could be worth staying a night (or two) in the heart of the city. 

At Holiday Inn on Flinders Lane kids stay and eat for free. They have just updated all of their family rooms and they are stunning. 

It’s conveniently located near the free city circle trams, Docklands, Crown Casino and Flinders Street station. Also, the bar has some really good cocktails for mum and dad. 

For further information check out their website. 

Have fun !!

Rachelle xx 

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Bringing in the bed

As your baby grows you tick a number of milestones of the list. Rolling, solid food, crawling, walking…….finally the day comes where it’s time to bid farewell to the cot and move to a bed. 

I was nervous about this change. How do they stay in? Will they keep sleeping through the night? Am I going to wake up to a two year old walking around the house or breathing really close to my face while I sleep? What if they hate it? Turns out all of my fears were in vain. Both of my children transitioned pretty easily. 

I’m no expert and perhaps I was just lucky. I thought I would share some tips for the transition.

Wait until they’re ready- I don’t think there is a magical age to move to a bed and there probably isn’t any rush. However,  we were in a bit of a rush with Hudson as we needed the cot for Scarlett. Hudson was just over two and handled the change fine. Scarlett has also just turned 2 and she has just moved to a bed. She is loving it. We knew she was ready as she kept asking for a bed, laying in Hudson’s bed and she had been transitioned to a little mat on the floor at childcare. 

Talk about it – before putting our children in beds we spoke about beds, read books that had beds in them (3 little bears, princess and the pea). When we were out at home stores we would go look at beds to show them how ‘cool’ they are. I think having them understand what is happening helped a lot. 

Get them involved – when it was time for a big bed we took our kids to the shops where they could pick out a doona cover or pillows to help decorate their new bed. They loved it and it also gives them a little control. Even now, I let Hudson pick which cover he would like on his bed when I change his sheets. I like to get something a little different and found that Shop Inside have a really lovely kids range (adults too, but that’s for another day). 

Don’t panic and stay positive – there may be times where your child will get up and down before settling, they may not love the bed at the start. Persistence and patience is key. If you’re positive about the bed they will eventually come around. Like every family we have requests at bedtime for drinks, toilet, more stories, itchy feet, scary things in the wardrobe. I let them go through the motions and if they continue to get up I just quietly pop them back into bed. 
As I said, I was dreading transition time as I thought my kids wouldn’t enjoy it and may spend most nights in out bed. Overall, we have had a pretty good experience. 

Rachelle xx 

All bedding and pillows from Shop Inside


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Quick getaway for the family 

After a busy year we wanted to get away for a night with the kids so they could enjoy Christmas in the city. We took the opportunity to stay at Holiday Inn (Flinders Street). 

This let us experience all the Christmas action that Melbourne had to offer, we had a small break and we didn’t have to deal with screaming tired kids on the drive home in the car. Holiday Inn is so close to everything that as soon as Scarlett rubbed her eyes and Hudson complained of being tired we were back in our room within 10 mintues. 

We went to Crown Casino, walked up to Bourke Street and caught a tram to Docklands (it’s in the free tram zone). Kids stay and eat for free so that is a real bonus. Plus, when we arrived ay our room there were little entertainment packs for the kids that included colouring books, stickers, crayons and brochures. These were a fantastic distraction at dinner.  The staff were really accomodating and our room was made up with a porta cot and trundle bed. 

We stayed in a suite so once the kids went to sleep my husband and I ordered room service (including delicious cocktails) and watched a movie. 

I was never sure about just going to the city for a night or two with kids but we all really enjoyed it.  All the family rooms on level four have been renovated and look amazing. It’s  the second time we have stayed at Holiday Inn and if you’re looking for somewhere family friendly and close to everything give them a call. Hudson and Scarlett are already asking to go back. 

Perfect for a school holiday getaway.

Rachelle xx 

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Embrace the chaos 

I have always been a very conscientious, efficient and organised person. I really don’t enjoy flying by the seat of my pants and I often struggle to relax.

Since becoming a mother I still had the desire to be organised. However, children are completely unpredictable so this made it extremely hard. Add working, my husband’s business, playdates, activities and birthday parties to the mix and I was becoming a hot mess. Being organised and feeling like I was being a composed adult was just getting harder and harder.

I wrote lists, used a calendar, meal planned and grabbed food shopping at lunchtime. I would spend Sunday afternoons prepping meals for the week or making meals and freezing them.

After a couple of very busy weekends and starting an extra day at work. I simply couldn’t find the time to be super organised…..I felt like I was drowning. I couldn’t do everything, I couldn’t be everywhere and there was no way I could please everyone. It felt like my kids were being extra needy and wanting more and more attention.

I had no choice but to roll with it. No meal plan. I decided to just grab a few things at the shops and some washing done but it wasn’t 100%. Do you know what?  It wasn’t that bad.  Taking my foot off the accelerator and taking a deep breath has been amazing.  I say no to things if we have too much on or if everything is just too busy.  Also, I’m not so worried about little distractions like housework. My kids aren’t that worried about getting my attention, they know they can have it. They’re even helping with little chores!

Another bonus is my husband is also helping out around the place as he can see what needs to be done and has a chance to get to it. He puts the washing away and tidies the kitchen. Instead of constantly having meals ready, I keep a couple of brought pre prepared meals in the fridge.  My husband simply heats them and they’re ready if I’m running late home from work with the kids. I found the Woolworths family favourites are simple, delicious, ready in 45 minutes or less and only about $12 for a family serving (there’s also a good range of meals and my kids love them).  Having meals on hand makes everything so much easier. Sundays aren’t spent prepping meals and shopping. I have more time to play with my kids. We read books, go to the park and bath time is more relaxed. I’ve also noticed some nights we grab the dog and go for a family walk.

I’m still on top of things, just a little more relaxed. I keep lists and use my calendar but I just order as much as I can online and have it delivered (including birthday gifts). If something isn’t finished or I’m not 100% organised I embrace it and move on. I realised I’m only one person and can’t look after everyone. Especially if I feel like a mess and I’m not looking after myself.

Try it, embrace the chaos and take shortcuts. It’s alright!

Rachelle xx


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Cake baking tips from Lou @cake2therescue

Hi I’m Baker Girl Lou, owner of DIY Cake Kit Company – Cake 2 The Rescue.  I’m so excited to be guest blogging for The Mummy Code this week and I can’t wait to share with you my top tips for baking and decorating a home-made birthday cake.
Before I start, the thing you should all know is that I’m not a baker by trade, I actually started out in engineering and then interior design. I’m no Donna Hay, in fact, my lack of decorating skills is my secret weapon!  So, I promise you, if I can do it, so can you!  
The funny thing is that kids don’t need their cake to be perfect! What they see in a home-made cake is love.  They love bragging to their friends as it arrives at the table, candles lit, “My Mum/Dad made that!”  I honestly think there is nothing like a homemade cake so I hope that the tips and tricks I’m about to share give you the confidence to give it a go!
Since opening Cake 2 The Rescue in 2011 I’ve created over 200 kits, each designed to ensure that people with little to no decorating experience can have success in the kitchen!   Between making 200 cakes and the feedback I’ve received from 11,000 plus customers I’ve learned the pit falls of cake making.  I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t, what can go wrong and how to avoid it.  My moto is “Hero-status for minimal effort, stress free baking even on 2 glasses of wine!”
So here are my top tips:

Making a Template
Google is fantastic for templates.  Search for things like printable masks and colouring pages, these will give you great outline drawings easy to print and make templates.  Consider making the head of a character rather than the whole body. The shape will be easier to cut out and that means, easier to ice! Avoid 3D cakes if you have to move your cake to another venue.

Baking Your Cake
You really want your cake to rise as flat as possible so keep the oven a bit lower (say 160oC) this will make the cake rise slowly and more evenly. Position your cake in the middle of the oven not the top.  If your oven usually cooks things more quickly than recipe guidelines or your cakes have a habit of splitting in the middle then chances are your thermostat is out of wacks so make sure you bake at a lower temperature than recommended and consider having your oven serviced.

Bake The Day Before
If you bake your cake the day before you decorate it, it will be much easier to ice.  It’s a bit like buying a loaf of fresh bread straight from the baker’s oven, it always tears when you try to spread the butter.  You’ll get less crumbs if you give it time to settle. 

Making Butter Icing
You icing needs to be spreadable but still thick.  So add your food colouring to get the desired colour before making the icing softer. Usually the liquid of the food colouring is enough to soften the icing but if it’s not just add a little more butter or a teaspoon of milk.  If you thin the icing before you add the food colouring you may end up with a runny mess!!

Icing Your Cake
Think of icing your cake as gliding the icing over the surface, not scraping butter onto bread.  Put a big pile of icing on the middle of the cake and then gently push the icing around the cake and over the sides.  If you have too little icing on your spatula you will drag the surface of the cake and that’s when crumbs sneak in!

Fondant is Fun (I promise!)
Don’t be scared of fondant, it’s just like using play doh only edible!! It will give you a really professional look and give you much more flexibility in your design than using lollies. Just remember butter icing is king when it comes to taste so make the majority of your cake with butter icing and just use fondant for the details like for example the face on your ninja turtle.

Using Fondant
Warm the fondant up by kneading it in your hands, this will make it more malleable and easy to use (I recommend gloves!). Roll it out onto a sheet of baking paper, this will make it easier to pick up the shapes.  Run your finger round the edge of the shapes after cutting them out to remove any rough edges and give a smooth finish.

Storing Your Cake
Avoid putting your finished cake in the fridge unless you have to.  On the bench is always best or with the air conditioning on if it’s a hot day. If you have to keep it in the fridge, serve your cake immediately when you remove it from the fridge to avoid the colours on your cake running as it warms up to room temperature and moisture sets in.
Hope these tips have given you the confidence to try making your next birthday cake at home.  You can always have a practise run a few weeks before if it’s your first time just to put your mind at ease. And please remember it’s not about creating the perfect cake, it’s about the love that went into making it.  I promise you, once you see the excitement on your little ones face, you’ll never look back.
Happy Baking!!

Cake 2 The Rescue – DIY Cake Kits are offering a special $5 discount off their cake kits to Mummy Code readers, valid until 30th June 2016.  So if you want all the hard working taken out of planning your cake and love the idea of having the recipe card, template and everything you need arrive in the box ready to bake and decorate, take a look at their fabulous cakes.




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Party penguins

The hit of any party and super simple.


16 large pitted black olives
16 small pitted black olives
1/2 a block of Cream Cheese
2 peeled carrots
16 toothpicks
One piece of marinated capsicum or 2 spring onions ( cut to make little scarves)


Cut a slit from top to bottom, lengthwise, into the side of each large olive. 
Insert about 1/2 teaspoon of cream cheese into each olive.
Slice the carrot into 16 1/2cm slices. Cut a small triangle out of each carrot slice to form feet.
Save the cut out piece for the beak. Cut a small slit into small olive and press into centre of small olive. 
Set a big olive, large hole side down, onto a carrot slice.
Then, set a small olive onto the large olive, adjusting so that the beak, cream cheese chest and carrot feet line up. Secure with a toothpick.
Slice capsicum or spring onion into strips and tie as little scarves.



Rachelle xx

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Mother of a toddler and a baby? I hear you!

The reality of motherhood is if you have more than one child, you have most likely had a point where you have had to deal with two babies or a baby and a toddler……to all these mothers RESPECT!!!

▫ I see the rings under your eyes from being woken up by a tag team of little humans. One screaming for food or pooping at ungodly hours. The other demanding water or yelling that their socks be put on after falling off in bed.

▫ I understand you are constantly checking nappies and sniffing for who has pooped. Now you have twice as much nappy time, it seems like all you do is check for poop change poop, change wees….ask the toddler of they want to got toilet….toddler then poops in their nappy or pants anyway……repeat the process over and over until bedtime.  No wonder you are always slightly distracted by poop or fart smells.

▫I see that you can barely hold a conversation like a normal person. As you always have one eye on the baby who is probably eating something off the ground or throwing things. While your toddler runs about screaming, having tantrums or interrupting you every 30 seconds to declare ‘Mum, look truck’….’Mummy, bus’. Also, see point one. The whole poop thing is very distracting and makes it hard to hold an adult conversation when you’re sniffing a small humans butt.

▫ I have observed you sweating at the shops. Where you either have
        * A – a double pram filled with arms and legs  
        * B – a double trolley full of arms and legs grabbing things off shelves    
          *C – a pram and baby carrier strapped to you like you’re a one man band.

▫ I get why you don’t find it funny when every second person stops to say ‘oh wow, you certainly have your hands full’. While I understand people are just trying to be nice, I have rarely been out alone with my two children without hearing this at least once. If people can see that my hands are full and I am a sweaty mess, don’t stop me to declare how you can see how busy I am???

▫ To the mum negotiating with the toddler with smarties (or chocolate of choice) because the baby is crying and you need them in the car. I get it, do what you can to get them where you need them. Having a toddler is like dealing with a small drunk person, negotiating with them is harder than negotiating with a terrorist,  add a screaming baby to the mix and you have a stressful situation, to say the least.

▫ I understand that your TV viewing mainly consists of Thomas the tank, In the night garden or Dora. I also get that eating is less relaxing these days and normally consists of scraps from the high chair tray or left over nuggets that are quickly consumed in the small 10 minute window that (if you’re lucky) both children are sleeping.

▫I can see the faded spit up/dribble  stains on your clothes that you have just wiped with nappy wipes because it’s easier than getting changed. Also, the small chocolate finger prints on your jeans from when the toddler was trying to get your attention while you changed the babies nappy are a dead giveaway that you’re a mother of a baby and toddler.

▫ I  see you on a baby free night out. You wait for these moments, footloose and fancy free. Yet, you really don’t know what to talk about. You hear a baby crying and it distracts you, your handbag feels so light without all the nappies and snacks.  Deep down, you miss your little snot monsters?

▫ Most of all I see the worry and doubt in your eyes. Am I doing enough? are my children happy? Am I doing the right thing? You are. 

Having one child is hard but wrangling a baby and toddler is definitely hard work and involves a lot of ducking and diving.

** NOTE: If you are a parent with twins, triplets etc 😙, I can only imagine….well done to all the mummas.

I think we have all earnt our wine tonight.

Rachelle xx

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Cherry Ripe balls

I often make chocolate or lemon balls for parties or a treat. This time I thought I’d make something a little different using Cherry Ripe, perfect for the upcoming festive season. I also tried a couple using Popping Elves which are perfect for kids (or big kids) and they love the popping surprise.

These are super simple and don’t require any hot ovens so they are great to make with your little helpers.

🍒 4 large Cherry Ripe bars – or the equivalent little bars.
🍒 One packet Marie biscuits or Chocolate Ripple biscuits.
🍒 Cup of desiccated coconut.
🍒 Small tin of condensed milk.

Blitz biscuits and Cherry Ripe bars in your food processor or Nutri Bullet. Stit in condensed milk to dry ingredients. Roll into bite size balls and roll balls in coconut. Pop into the fridge for at least 15 minutes to chill and enjoy. Store in the fridge in an airtight container.

🎄To make popping elf balls substitute the Cherry Ripes for Popping elves.



Rachelle xx

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Why do mums always talk about coffee?

As I sit here at 7am on a Sunday morning scrolling through my Instagram feed I see beautifully prepared breakfasts, people up and at em’ exercising. I too have been up for hours, however it is not so glamorous.

I was woken at 3am by my sweet little girl who for some reason thought that that was a perfect time to soil her nappy and then cause a ruckus about wanting it changed. Of course, I changed her and then since the light was on she thought it was party time and didn’t want to go back to sleep. After susshing, rocking, patting I gave in around 3.30am and got her a bottle (knowing she would then sleep a little longer in the morning).  Ahhhhh, silence.

I return to bed to find my dog sprawled accross my side of the bed like Miss September. After shoving her back to the end of the bed, I finally settle back to sleep……Nope. It appears someone has fired up their old rusty tractor next to my head?!? Oh, no. It’s actually my husband. Who could sleep through a zombie apocalypse and can perfectly imitate a jet fighter with his nose. He has actually mastered snoring when he breathes in and out! I lay there for an hour or so punching, kicking,  considering a move to the couch or getting out to get some earplugs. I finally give in and pop some ear plugs in.

It’s close to 5am and I finally drift into dreamland. Only to be woken at 5.36am by Mr two (almost three) who has climbed into bed with his toy shark. I tell him to lay down and go back to sleep. To my surprise he actually does, I begin to drift off ….. {Enter the loud tractor noise from daddy/husband’s nose}. My son sits upright and yells ‘ohhhh daddy piggy, shhhh daddy pig’. He finds the snoring very entertaining….. I don’t. Mr two decides he is awake now and begins to poke, prod and kick me to get me to get up. He starts to ‘whisper mumma toast, mumma juice’ in my ear.

At this point I am 100% sure my husband is awake but ignoring everything going on and hoping I cave and get up. It’s like a mexican stand off, whoever is harassed the most and makes the first move is the one who has to get up and misses a small Sunday sleep in.  After 45 minutes of creepy toddler whispering and Mr two putting his fingers in my nose, ears and tugging my hair. I cave…..I can’t handle it anymore. I get up, get him breakfast and make coffee.

We have been up for an hour, Mr two is starting to get cabin fever and wants to play. My husband is still snoring and I am already on my second coffee (considering a third) so I have the energy to go play dinosaurs.

So, there you go. That’s why mums are a little koo koo and always talk about drinking coffee.  Enjoy your weekend sleep ins and lovingly prepared smashed avocado people. I’m so tired, I just ate a Tim Tam while hiding in the pantry.

I must go, my daughter just woke up and my son is in the pantry trying to climb the shelves to get to the Tim Tams that he heard me rustling about eating earlier 😣😩.

Have a good Sunday!!

Rachelle xx

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Guest Blog – Rach Waia (Tiny Hearts First Aid)

Rach Waia is a wife, mum of two (Melakai and Huxley) and the Co Founder and Director of Tiny Hearts Paediatric First Aid and Hero HQ. She is one busy lady with a beautiful family and successful business.We were lucky enough to ask her a few questions to see what keeps her going and if there is a secret to her success.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, your family and your business background? Hey I’m Rach – Wife, Mumma and Girl Boss! I’m an 85’ model, so the big thirty this year (sigh!). Craig, my better half, works a FIFO roster out of Western Australia and we are lucky enough to be blessed with two healthy, creative, very smiley and hilarious boys. Melakai who is 5 years old and our baby Huxley who 8 months old. Us Waia’s love spending time at the drive-in eating loads of popcorn, at any one time in the pantry there are at least 10 packets of microwave popcorn ready to go! Our family also loves to travel, we recently went to Hawaii with Nikki (co-founder and CEO of Tiny Hearts and Hero HQ) and her husband for business, and Melakai said he wanted to work at the resort when he is older! Both boys are frequent travellers with both flying at just 8 days old, and are very much looking forward to spending four weeks over Christmas in America and Huxley’s first birthday at Disneyland. Nikki and I don’t have any business background but have always had an entrepreneurial mindset, with business ideas flowing since we were six and eight. As adults we had formed careers in Paramedicine (Nikki) and Education (Rach), yet we were always investigating business avenues to pursue. The lightbulb moment came through a text message from Nikki when she was on shift with Ambulance Victoria and I was in the classroom saying “ I have a business idea… call me when you can”. Of course I excused myself straight away to call her and she said “ lets start a first aid training company” to which I responded “okay!”. Five months later I uprooted my then one year old and my North Queenslander born and bred husband back to my home Melbourne to bring the dream to life. Our first two years of business was spent preparing for our initial audit to become a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) – a system with thousands of documentation, policy writing and student protection procedures… not just as easy as getting an ABN which we once thought! Originally we were just going to specialise in workplace first aid, but three months into being an RTO we saw a HUGE gap in the market for paediatric first aid that actually teaches the appropriate guidelines. We wanted to empower parents with the vital knowledge and skills to act in an emergency – after all there is nothing more important than your child life! As a mother myself I knew there was no accurate information on first aid specifically for infants & children but an abundance of information on prams, bottles, wraps and breathing monitors… but what if the monitor went off? What if the baby choked on the milk in the bottle? Nikki and I sat down on a planning day and wrote the Tiny Hearts course in just a few hours which since has developed into a 3.4 hour course covering all the relevant topics that a parent, caregiver or grandparent might face in an emergency.

We just love your boy’s names – Melakai and Huxley. How did you come up with them? Good Question! ….and I wish I had a great story for you, but I actually have no idea where we got them from. We are not planning any more kids in the future, purely based on the fact I don’t know if we will stumble upon another awesome name ☺

Congratulations on the success of Tiny Hearts First Aid. We think it’s a wonderful business and something that all new parents should do. What made you start Tiny Hearts? Well thank you! We have worked really hard to get to where we are, although, Rome wasn’t built in a day! We are really proud to be the only paediatric first aid training company in Australia that is its own Registered Training organisation. We strongly believe in education and having access to accurate information. When I became a Mum I wanted to know clearly and accurately how to feed, wrap and sleep my baby, and for that information I went the leaders in their fields. I didn’t feel trusting of any old book or company, so I researched to find the best of the best in the in the field. This is exactly why Tiny Hearts is the leader in the industry, we provide the most accurate and up to date guidelines available and deliver our information to parents by advance life support paramedics and paediatric nurses from the leading hospitals.

We’re sure you have had many success stories with Tiny Hearts First Aid. What has been the highlight to date? It’s funny you ask that… Nikki and I have just begun a progression & depression tracker to record all the highs & lows of our journey. With now managing almost 30 staff it is quite easy to forget your key milestones, so popping the good things into the progression tracker and the not so good things into the depression tracker is a great way to map out where we have come from, and where we are heading. A huge highlight for us is the growth of our amazing team. We are lucky to have attracted such passionate, driven and crazy women to our team. In our four years of operation Nikki and I both got married and were each others maid of honour, built several houses, welcomed babies (both fur and human!) and became more like twins rather than just sisters. We compliment each other so well it drives our husbands crazy! ☺ Our celebrity endorsements have also been a huge highlight and have helped our business become a household name for new and expecting parents. One of the best days was when Queen B herself accepted one of paediatric first aid kits. Nikki took out the title of the NAB Emerging Entrepreneur of the year this year which was a HUGE proud sister moment. I was felt like the paparazzi snapping photos flat out and was bragging to everyone about her.

How do you manage your time with your two little boys and your business? It was only a few months ago that I had the realization that I actually can’t be fantastic at everything… I know right, I admitted it! ☺ I felt like I was not good enough at being a mum and a ‘girlboss’ at the same time – let alone a good wife. It felt as though was always rushing around and not getting anywhere nor any quality time with the boys. While trying to be a picture perfect mum – ensuring that the boys had been fed and bathed, washing was done and their beds were made was when I realised WOW I need help! So I bought in the big guns – my Mum has started helping me a day per week and on the other days I have Bridget… I cant live without either of them. I am able to give my business everything it needs and when I get home I can have as much time with my boys as I can get until bed time. It works perfect. For months I felt like I had to be good at both 100% of the time but sometimes you just need a little help ☺

 What is the best part about running your own business? ‘Uniform’ shopping is a definite bonus *haha*. “Oh I need that shirt… its uniform” Nikki and I always joke about it. But really, the best thing about having a business is knowing that you are helping your staff reach their personal goals. Everyone in our company has a wishlist, and when they do something out of the world they get to pick something off their wishlist. Some of the wishes on there are crazy like holidays and designer bags, but I have no doubt that i’ll be walking into Gucci and buying one of my girls their first designer bag for smashing their work goals. I love how we all motivate each other ever day.

On the flip side, what is the best part about being a mum? What’s the bad part? Even when they drive you to insanity, it tests you and teaches you to be a negotiator or better lover. I have never felt love like what I have for my boys. It’s a feeling I can’t even describe… I feel whole.

You must be so busy. How do you relax and unwind? Double Vodka & Redbulls… I wish I was kidding! I love to dance spesh that bump & grind – self taught mind you * haha*. But really, there is actually no better feeling in this world then crying from laughter. I get that all the time with the girls in the office and with my girlfriends. Nikki & I literally tell people how funny we (are our husbands disagree) but we make each other laugh so much.

What is one tip that you would give working mums or mums just starting up a new business? Keep hustling! You’ve got this! What you do for you family, you must do for your business because it will benefit your family in the long run.

Thank you so much for answering our questions. Best of luck with Tiny Hearts, we think you are doing a fantastic job. If you would like to become a proactive parent check out http://www.tinyheartsfirstaid.com/ or follow @tinyheartsfirstaid on Instagram.

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