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Feature mum Q&A – Rachel @insta.beauty.mummy 

Rachel is a beautiful, stylish working mum of two little boys (Max and Leo). She has an amazing Instagram account where she gives us some wonderful tips and tricks with make-up and beauty products. I had the opportunity to ask her some questions.  

Hey Rachel welcome to The Mummy Code, tell us a little bit about yourself and your family.

  • What do you enjoy most about being a mum? Watching your children grow and adapt their own little personalities. I find it fascinating how much they learn and just how individual they actually are. I also can’t go past their cuddles and smooches! THE BEST! 
  • What do you find the hardest? I can be quite impatient at times, so trying to keep calm when they are pressing my buttons is probably what I find the hardest.  
  • How do you balance work and mum life? I don’t know to be honest! I think it probably helps that I am super organised and like order. I actually love the balance of my career and being a mum. I get great satisfaction from the both and I wouldn’t change it. I also hope it sets a great example for my children that women can be mums, but can also have a successful career, and on the same token, dads can also have their careers but parenting and housework is a shared responsibility. 
  • What are you three makeup or beauty products that you can’t live without? Haha! Just 3? OK here they: 1. Fake tan. 2. Lash extensions. 3. Concealer. 
  • Tanning hints or tips? Exfoliate really well the day before tanning, and use cetaphil lotion every day to stop it from cracking or fading. 
  • Who is your style icon? Hard one but probably Jessica Alba. She is effortless chic, down to earth, gorgeous on the inside also and a career woman as well as being a mum. 
  • What is your favourite way to spend time as a family? We have absolutely been loving the pool lately. The boys are at a really good age to enjoy it and they have an absolute ball. Watching them laugh and play all day long is priceless. 

Thank you for answering my questions. 

Rachelle xx 

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el8te Skincare Q&A

I recently had the opportunity to try the el8te skin care range. el8te is a luxurious natural skincare brand that offers a high quality product at an affordable price.

Founded by Gen Reid, Jenny Price and Sally Glover, el8te can be used by all ages and skin types. It’s Australian made and free from any nasty chemicals. Making it ideal for sensitive skin. I had a chance to ask the founders of el8te some questions.

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions about your amazing product range, tell me a little bit about why this came about and what the inspiration for the brand is

We really wanted to create a skincare brand that was truly and genuinely free of nasty chemicals and which incorporated goat milk. Goat milk has incredible healing benefit and is therefore perfect for sensitive skin which is so prevalent these days.

What sets el8te products apart from the rest? 

Most goat milk ranges use processed and powdered goat milk whereas el8te uses only fresh Australian goat milk. Lots of goat milk product on the market is pitched at a supermarket level but we really wanted to open up this space and develop an attractive and elevated brand that could be used by the whole family.

I have young children, some products I have used in the past have caused rashes and dry out their sensitive skin. Tell me a little bit about your Goat’s milk baby range? 

Our babies are so precious and it’s distressing to see the ingredients in some products pitched at babies. We use no nasty chemicals or artificial fragrances so our goat milk range is super safe for gentle and sensitive skin. Our baby range is not only safe for baby’s skin but it has real healing benefits for rashes and irritation that they can be so susceptible to.  

Where do you source the ingredients for the el8te skin care range? 

All the ingredients used are sourced in Australia.

I see you use activated charcoal in some of your products. What are the benefits of this? 

Activated charcoal has been used for millennium– it absorbs deep into the pores to draw out dirt & oil making it perfect for blemished and acne prone skin. Our hand and body wash is scented with pure spearmint oil and it’s one of my favourite products in the el8te range.

Where can I buy el8te? 

You can buy el8te online at www.el8teaustralia.com

What a delightful gift for any new bub (or mum).




Thank you

Rachelle xx

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Quick makeup tips from a busy mum and makeup artist – @megseecole


Oh our hectic lives.

I am a wife, a mother of three and a makeup artist working in TV.

The loves of my life are my family and makeup – combining these together is a constant juggle. The mornings are particularly crazy and sometimes just getting out the door is the hardest thing of all.

Amidst the morning chaos, if any of those juggling balls drop, more often than not it will be my makeup. So, my makeup must be quick, if it’s going to get done. Here is my little bag of tricks that I would like to share with you. It hasn’t failed me yet and I hope it serves you just as well.

Hey, it won’t make you look like a Kardashian, but it gives a glow, covers those bags and most of all makes you start the day a slightly more fabulous version of yourself.

NARS PURE RADIENT TINTED MOISTURISER – it’s simple with a light-medium coverage. Pop it on and tap with a beauty blender. Draw on those under eyes with ELLIS FAAS CONCEALER  PEN, add a streak of BENEFIT HIGH BEAM to the upper cheek bones, keep tapping it all in with a makeup sponge, and presto………an even skin tone with no bags and radiant cheek bones is what you have.

Brush some MAC BRONZER over your cheeks, right up to your hairline. Keep applying this under your chin and around the edges of your face – it’s a great framer. I always want a bit more glow, so I hit my cheeks with MAC GOLD DEPOSIT.

We can’t forget to make those eyes pop. BETTER THAN SEX mascara is what you need on those lashes. Wiggle the stick as you go.

Oh and how I love a lip gloss that is bright or neutral. I just can’t go without HOURGLASS. It gives great shine, lasts well and is not too sticky.

This will only take 5 minutes – give it a go.

Meg XX


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Light My Fire Melbourne- Body Scrub

I was pretty under the weather last week as you may have seen on Instagram. When I get sick, it’s like my body wants to make me suffer for all those months of being well. Pounding headache, cough, sore throat, runny nose… you know the drill. The one that gets to me the most though, is body aches! Torturous!

Normally I would just have a bath to ease the aches. So the other night I jumped in the bath, actually more like rolled into the bath, and remembered I had some body scrub that I had been meaning to try out. I opened the bag and OH MY GOOD GOLLY!! Sweet scents of coffee and coconut. It seriously smells like you could throw it in the Kitchen Aid and make a cake with it. I get so disappointed with body scrubs that feel like they’re not scrubbing at all. This one actually feels like it’s doing it’s job. I’d say that’s because of the coffee and raw sugar granules. The Vitamin E and coconut oil leave your legs feeling simply divine.

I can’t speak highly enough about this body scrub. It’s by far the best one I’ve tried!! So good, that I gave some to my Mum and a friend because I wanted them to share in the awesomeness.

The genius that created this goodness in a bag is Natalie from Light My Fire Melbourne Seriously, give it a try. Only $18.00 AUD a bag and it’s worth every single cent. You won’t regret it and your body will loooove you for it!


Ange xx

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Life’s little luxuries

As a mum you begin to appreciate the small things. It’s so easy to become so involved with your family and not take time for yourself. I wanted to share some of the little luxuries that helped me through my pregnancy and time as a new mum.

When I was pregnant anything that made me feel a little better about myself was welcome. I exfoliated my skin with Frank body scrub, used Bio oil and Goe oil to keep the stretch marks at bay and used Eco tan winter skin so I didn’t feel so pasty and white. I also started to use Young Blood mineral foundation, since my skin was so dry I found this foundation didn’t cake on and allowed my skin to breathe.


The small things I have discovered I enjoy since becoming a mum are:

* A silent car or just the radio on – no screaming or kids music playing.
* Food shopping alone without tiny hands grabbing at shelves or the need to feed the trolley monster as a distraction while you scurry through the supermarket.
* Going to the toilet or having a shower without a small cheerleader.
* Relaxing in the bath with lovely candles burning – No Nemo, ducks or similar bath toys shoved in my face. I love soy candles, Buddy & Me have some amazing scents at fantastic prices. A perfect gift for any new mum. http://www.buddyandme.com.au
* Spending time doing my make up and hair without someone testing the brushes and eating lipstick.
* Enjoying a cup of coffee or tea outside in silence with just the sounds of nature – Maternal tea tonics are fantastic for pregnant or postnatal women. http://www.maternalteatonics.com
* An adult meal with adult conversation that doesn’t involve me picking up food scraps from all over the floor afterwards.


I found taking a deep breath, looking after myself and doing something just for me once in awhile makes dealing with the crazy times a lot easier.

Rachelle xx

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