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Mummy’s little mealtime helper.

I am currently working 4 days a week, helping my husband with his business, have two children, a dog, a massive pile of washing and a never ending to do list (sound familiar anyone?). Anyway, I have been running out of time to think of delicious and healthy meals, I feel like I am always cooking the same thing and the thought of meal planning hurts my brain.

Recently, I had the opportunity to try HelloFresh and let me tell you, I wasn’t disappointed. No hectic trip to the shops, I strolled out my front door and picked up the box which contained our meals. Inside the magical box there are brown paper bags, each bag has all the ingredients for a healthy dinner and there is a recipe card that is super simple to follow. Just having the box delivered made me feel relieved knowing my meal planning was done for me and I had everything I needed for dinners.

The recipes vary each week but some that had were – Easy lamb and pine nut filo parcels, Mackenzie’s Mexican chicken carne and thyme and garlic chicken. Each meal was really easy to put together, all the ingredients were fresh and my hubby ( who is a big eater) was very impressed with the portion sizes. It was so good to come home from work knowing that dinner was ready to go and would be on the table before the kids have a chance to complain about being starving. As a bonus, I now have some new recipes to add to my reportage and picked up an amazing idea of adding cauliflower to mashed potato. Scarlett despises the thought of most vegetables so hiding them in food is a must, she loved mashed potato and didn’t even realise that it was full of cauliflower #winning.

I found all the meals to be easy, yummy and pretty flexible. You can adjust them to suit your taste, even add or leave out ingredients. HelloFresh was a real help to me for after work, weeknight dinners and you can start, change or postpone anytime. No need to worry about being locked into a contract, like that gym membership we all started with good intentions but never use. It’s also good to get some dinner inspo for when you feel like you are always eating the same thing.

Check out some of my meals below and head over to HelloFresh for more details.

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el8te Skincare Q&A

I recently had the opportunity to try the el8te skin care range. el8te is a luxurious natural skincare brand that offers a high quality product at an affordable price.

Founded by Gen Reid, Jenny Price and Sally Glover, el8te can be used by all ages and skin types. It’s Australian made and free from any nasty chemicals. Making it ideal for sensitive skin. I had a chance to ask the founders of el8te some questions.

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions about your amazing product range, tell me a little bit about why this came about and what the inspiration for the brand is

We really wanted to create a skincare brand that was truly and genuinely free of nasty chemicals and which incorporated goat milk. Goat milk has incredible healing benefit and is therefore perfect for sensitive skin which is so prevalent these days.

What sets el8te products apart from the rest? 

Most goat milk ranges use processed and powdered goat milk whereas el8te uses only fresh Australian goat milk. Lots of goat milk product on the market is pitched at a supermarket level but we really wanted to open up this space and develop an attractive and elevated brand that could be used by the whole family.

I have young children, some products I have used in the past have caused rashes and dry out their sensitive skin. Tell me a little bit about your Goat’s milk baby range? 

Our babies are so precious and it’s distressing to see the ingredients in some products pitched at babies. We use no nasty chemicals or artificial fragrances so our goat milk range is super safe for gentle and sensitive skin. Our baby range is not only safe for baby’s skin but it has real healing benefits for rashes and irritation that they can be so susceptible to.  

Where do you source the ingredients for the el8te skin care range? 

All the ingredients used are sourced in Australia.

I see you use activated charcoal in some of your products. What are the benefits of this? 

Activated charcoal has been used for millennium– it absorbs deep into the pores to draw out dirt & oil making it perfect for blemished and acne prone skin. Our hand and body wash is scented with pure spearmint oil and it’s one of my favourite products in the el8te range.

Where can I buy el8te? 

You can buy el8te online at www.el8teaustralia.com

What a delightful gift for any new bub (or mum).




Thank you

Rachelle xx

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