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Face first

I have had a lot of facials in my time. I love a little fluff and buff but I’m now a time poor mother of two who needs results and I want them fast.

While I always left my facials feeling refreshed and hydrated the pigment in my skin, sun spots and spider veins still remained. I’m turning 36 next week and my skin needs a little more ‘heavy lifting’ than when I was a fresh faced 22 year old.

It’s so easy to feel a little lost after becoming a mum and having my skin looking and feeling great makes me feel more confident, plus it cuts down my time getting ready for work or to go out.

I recently went to Re.Plastic surgery for a consultation and treatment. I got the ‘Mummy glow’ package which is 90 minutes long, it includes combination of microdermobrasion and laser/IPL therapies. My skin is looking fresh, renewed and hydrated.

After one treatment my sun spots are a lot lighter and the spider veins are completely gone. I can also see the dark patches on my forehead are fading, my skin tone is more even and my pores look smaller. The best part is that there is no down time, so you can be back in your normal routine straight from your appointment. No one will even know at school pick up.

Here are some pics and videos of my first treatment, I will share more including before and after shots as I go.

If you would like to refresh your skin and have a little me time, just phone Re.plastic surgery and ask for the Mummy Glow package you will receive a fantastic discount and you will not be disappointed.

Rachelle xx

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The most wonderful time of the year

Love it or hate it Christmas is coming, fast…….and I love it. I have wonderful memories of Christmas growing up and it’s even better now that I’m a parent. I see the magic and wonder in my children’s eyes and it just makes me feel so happy. Don’t get me wrong, I still threaten to call Santa multiple times a day and they are convinced that he is using elves and special cameras in smoke detectors to make sure they are being good.

This year I discovered Portable North Pole. PNP brings the magic of the North Pole Village to life! It’s a free app/website personalise a special festive video message from Santa just for your child and its really easy to use. Simply enter in your child’s name, age, the gift they are hoping for and favourite pics and you’re all set! Also a free feature ,is a cute “Fun for Groups” video that lets groups such as childcare and preschool groups enjoy Santa’s greeting together.

With a paid Magic Pass option you have access to all PNP’s features, there are activities for kids (including cute filters) and codes for top secret parent and Santa business. Plus you can even schedule a call from Santa and with the mobile only Reaction Recorder, the best part is you can record your babies as they watch their personalised videos and the reactions are priceless.

Here is an example of a video for Scarlett where Santa remembered it’s her birthday soon. She was so surprised to hear Santa saying her name and absolutely loved that he didn’t forget her birthday:

Here is a snippet of a reaction video:

The filters are lot’s of fun too

Check it out and make this Christmas super special. You can get 20% off your own Magic Pass by going to this link and creating your account.

Have a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends.

Rachelle xx

smarTfold – The go anywhere bike

Since becoming a mum I have had a few different push along trike/bike contraptions. Some have been good but they are very clunky to take in the car and I would never consider taking one on a plane. Others have been an absolute pain to put together or steer and pretty much end up breaking or on the hard rubbish within a few months.

Recently we received the smarTfold 7 in 1. It is amazing. Firstly, it comes pretty much ready to go straight out of the box, there is no need to bother with hours of allen keys and instructions.

Secondly, there are different stages specific from kids aged 9 months up to 3 or 4 years old. At all of these stages it’s possible for the parent to steer so your not battling your tiny rider for control or just pushing the bike along on the back wheels. If your little one can steer you simply push a button near the wheel and it swaps to child controlled steering. Scarlett got on and drove straight into the wall but she is getting the hang of it now (I am already dreading teaching my two to drive a car).

The best part as the smarTfold folds straight back down into it’s nifty little bag. Perfect to take on holiday’s or if you live in an apartment with limited storage. There are heaps of designs, its super comfy and has a seatbelt (you need this for little ones or if you have a runner). There is also a cup holder and storage bag so you can pack snacks, sunscreen, balls etc for a trip to the park.

Check out my one below. We love it.

Rachelle xx

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Quick getaway for the family 

After a busy year we wanted to get away for a night with the kids so they could enjoy Christmas in the city. We took the opportunity to stay at Holiday Inn (Flinders Street). 

This let us experience all the Christmas action that Melbourne had to offer, we had a small break and we didn’t have to deal with screaming tired kids on the drive home in the car. Holiday Inn is so close to everything that as soon as Scarlett rubbed her eyes and Hudson complained of being tired we were back in our room within 10 mintues. 

We went to Crown Casino, walked up to Bourke Street and caught a tram to Docklands (it’s in the free tram zone). Kids stay and eat for free so that is a real bonus. Plus, when we arrived ay our room there were little entertainment packs for the kids that included colouring books, stickers, crayons and brochures. These were a fantastic distraction at dinner.  The staff were really accomodating and our room was made up with a porta cot and trundle bed. 

We stayed in a suite so once the kids went to sleep my husband and I ordered room service (including delicious cocktails) and watched a movie. 

I was never sure about just going to the city for a night or two with kids but we all really enjoyed it.  All the family rooms on level four have been renovated and look amazing. It’s  the second time we have stayed at Holiday Inn and if you’re looking for somewhere family friendly and close to everything give them a call. Hudson and Scarlett are already asking to go back. 

Perfect for a school holiday getaway.

Rachelle xx 

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el8te Skincare Q&A

I recently had the opportunity to try the el8te skin care range. el8te is a luxurious natural skincare brand that offers a high quality product at an affordable price.

Founded by Gen Reid, Jenny Price and Sally Glover, el8te can be used by all ages and skin types. It’s Australian made and free from any nasty chemicals. Making it ideal for sensitive skin. I had a chance to ask the founders of el8te some questions.

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions about your amazing product range, tell me a little bit about why this came about and what the inspiration for the brand is

We really wanted to create a skincare brand that was truly and genuinely free of nasty chemicals and which incorporated goat milk. Goat milk has incredible healing benefit and is therefore perfect for sensitive skin which is so prevalent these days.

What sets el8te products apart from the rest? 

Most goat milk ranges use processed and powdered goat milk whereas el8te uses only fresh Australian goat milk. Lots of goat milk product on the market is pitched at a supermarket level but we really wanted to open up this space and develop an attractive and elevated brand that could be used by the whole family.

I have young children, some products I have used in the past have caused rashes and dry out their sensitive skin. Tell me a little bit about your Goat’s milk baby range? 

Our babies are so precious and it’s distressing to see the ingredients in some products pitched at babies. We use no nasty chemicals or artificial fragrances so our goat milk range is super safe for gentle and sensitive skin. Our baby range is not only safe for baby’s skin but it has real healing benefits for rashes and irritation that they can be so susceptible to.  

Where do you source the ingredients for the el8te skin care range? 

All the ingredients used are sourced in Australia.

I see you use activated charcoal in some of your products. What are the benefits of this? 

Activated charcoal has been used for millennium– it absorbs deep into the pores to draw out dirt & oil making it perfect for blemished and acne prone skin. Our hand and body wash is scented with pure spearmint oil and it’s one of my favourite products in the el8te range.

Where can I buy el8te? 

You can buy el8te online at

What a delightful gift for any new bub (or mum).




Thank you

Rachelle xx

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Stuck for ideas this Christmas?

If you’re looking for something a little extra with a personal touch this Christmas check out Stuck on You. They have some really cute products. Their Christmas range has everything – Santa sacks, personalised pillows, books and tree ornaments. These are  all great gift ideas, especially for a newborn who is having their first Christmas. What a great little keepsake. Hudson adored his personalised letter from Santa that was waiting for him in the letterbox after childcare. 


All the labels for my kids childcare clothes, bags and shoes are from Stuck on You they have great value bundles and the labels are great quality.  After losing a couple of hats at childcare I also purchased hats with names on them so they don’t get caught up in crazy childcare life and lost. Definitely easier and cuter than buying spare hats all the time and writing names all over them.
There are drink bottles, lunch boxes, clothing, puzzles and bags. All of which can be personalised. Little kids love seeing their own name on everything so this is the place to go for gifts with a personal touch. Postage is super quick and the website is really easy to navigate (even Nanna could handle this one). There’s still time to get that little something extra for Christmas.


Rachelle xx

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Teething tips for tired mummas

As mothers teething is something we all go through. It’s awful to see your little one in pain and feel that there is nothing you can do to help. Some babies are great and just wake up with new chompers without even a whimper. Unfortunately, I knew every single tooth that broke through with my son. The first teeth, molars and eye teeth really gave him a rough time.

While we have all heard of using Panadol, Nurofen and Bongela. I thought I would share some other products and techniques I have found useful to ease the pain of teething.

All natural and made with cloves. This is great as it does ease discomfort and unlike Bongela can be used at the same time as Nurofen. You can find this one at most chemists.


There are so many different teething toys to choose from. It’s easy to get confused and just grab anything. I like natural products and to support small Australian businesses. Recently I discovered The Bub. All natural teething and lactation products made for mums and bubs in Australia.  They have really cute designs and colours and are a real hit with my little girl. All these products are dishwasher safe and you can even pop them into the freezer for extra relief from sore swollen gums.


Icy poles can often be a bit much for little bubs so I freeze drops of fruit puree and yoghurt on baking paper. They are a great little treat for when your baby is teething (my son still loves them and he has all his teeth).  Of course make sure you supervise as you normally would to ensure no one is choking on their icy treat.

Mesh feeding bags are great as it allows your little one to eat by themselves without and they can easily suck or chew on frozen berries and icy treats. The bag does need to be washed thoroughly but I have seen these at Kmart for $2 so they’re certainly not going to break the bank if you have to buy two.

Never underestimate the dear old face washer. I was given so many of these when I was pregnant and they have come in handy. Wet one and pop it in the freezer so your little one can chew on it and relieve teething pain. They are also good on hot days.

If all else fails lots of cuddles and distraction techniques until those pearly whites pop through.


Rachelle xx

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My skin feels amazing – Nip + Fab

After a very busy long weekend of going out, take away, wine, late nights and early mornings (thanks to my little darlings). My skin was looking tired, dull and a little worse for wear.

I decided to try the Nip + Fab ‘Bee Sting Fix Lifting Mask’ as a little pick me up for my dry skin. All I can say is WOW!


Firstly, it’s a clear mask so my kids weren’t freaked out by their mother strolling around with a black or bright green mask on. Secondly, it’s simple to use and I only had to have it on for 10 minutes. I could feel it working its magic straight away.

I simply washed it off with warm water and was left with a hydrated, firm, smooth skin.  It can also be used as an intesive overnight mask if you just apply a thin layer and leave it on overnight. It’s a really nice, light mask that will leave your skin feeling great and won’t break the bank.

Check out  Nip + Fab online or @nipandfabau on Instagram.  Nip + Fab products are also available at Priceline and Target so you can always find it and have some on hand.  

I am certainly impressed with the results.


Rachelle xx

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Lulla Doll – sleep saviour

While spending hours cuddling and settling your babies is a part of motherhood. There are often times where you need to put them down and have your hands free.  It was very important that my children learnt to self settle. Especially Scarlett, as when she was napping it gave me some one on one playtime with Hudson. I believe this was an important part of him adjusting into his big brother role. He knew mumma hadn’t forgot about him and will make time for one on one play.

Babies often struggle to self settle as they are used to the sound of mums heart and breathing. I have spent countless hours susshing and rocking. However, now there is the ‘Lulla doll’.

The Lulla Doll is great for babies and toddlers.  Lulla is amazing, she will quickly become babies and parents best friend and a bed time essential. She helps little ones settle and sleep longer overnight with her 8 hours of breathing and heartbeat sounds, which makes your child feel as though you are sleeping right next to them.  This is also great for toddlers who may be afraid of the dark, have night terrors or separation issues. I now completely understand why this doll has sold out twice in the last 6 weeks.

Lulla is a must have for expecting parents and anyone having sleep issues with their bundles of joy.

She is machine washable and hypoallergenic you can purchase at Dream Child Emporium , along with all your other sleep essentials. Lulla is currently on backorder due to her popularity but will be posted on 10th of November. Get in quick before she is sold out again!! Before you know it you and your little ones will be enjoying a normal sleep pattern and relaxing in dreamland.


Rachelle xx

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Christmas is coming

Yep it is. I’m one of those annoying people who has done pretty much all the shopping, the only thing left to get is the smaller presents (chocolates or alcohol) and wrapping paper. While I used to find the early Christmas shoppers super annoying, I completely understand why people do it.

Both of my children are born late in the year (October and December), plus I work 3 days a week and do the administration for my husband’s business. I simply don’t have time to battle Christmas crowds and the thought of a 72 hour late night shopping marathon at Chadstone turns my stomach (I would much rather be home relaxing with a sangria in the sunshine). Plus, I don’t want to wait until things start to get sold out. The best part about my Christmas shopping is that I have barely left the house to get any of it. I got in early and ordered online, before the Australia Post gets overwhelmed and slow.

I thought I would share some of my favourite online stores for Christmas shopping: 

Kmart: Great for kids toys (especially little stocking stuffers) and cute stuff for around home. Really quick postage too.
Target: Look out during the year and buy the kids toys online during big sales. Also great for kids/babies clothing.
Big W: Another great one for little ones. Good range available online. Big W also stock Peter Morrisey and Kardashian Kids that is available online.
Best and Less: Check them out for jammies, good sales on Bonds and great specials on kids clothes.
Australia Post: Don’t hit the shops, grab vouchers online. So much easier for when you’re not sure what to buy thay special someone.
▫ The Iconic: Really quick postage, great returns policy and quality brands. Always good for something for hubby. They also have some really good sales to look out for.
Myer: Has something for everyone. Mum, dad, kids and grandparents. Always reliable for great gifts
Next Direct: check them out for kids clothes and jammies. Great quality and free postage.
Australian Geographic : Really good presents for kids. Their website separates gifts into age categories so wonderful when buying for nieces and nephews.
Village Cinema: You can’t go wrong with a gold class voucher.
▫ Chemist Warehouse : Always good to purchase fragrances at great prices. You can also pick up some new make up for your Christmas functions.

I always try to find stores that offer free shipping to save the extra $$$ and get in early so there is available stock and you’re not waiting for postage.

Avoid the Christmas crowds and order on line. Actually why not log on now and get shopping. It’s such a relief when it’s all wrapped and under the tree.

Rachelle xx

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