Starting School, so tired.

Since Scarlett has started school she has been so tired and emotional. She has been doing well at school but then losing it over any little thing at home. Last week, I asked for some tips for my over tired preppie and you guys delivered –

▪️Have a snack ready in the car for pick up. It’s a welcome distraction and fills up hungry little bellies, especially if they have been too busy playing to eat all their lunch.

▪️ Get them to have a bath or shower as soon as they get home. This gives them time to relax and decompress. It also ticks one thing off so you’re one step closer to bed time.

▪️Say no to after school events and activities. At least for the first term of school. Adjusting to 4 or 5 days is enough without having to run around to play dates or dance classes after school.

▪️Don’t bombard them with questions as soon as you see them. Give them time to chill out and wait for them to tell you about their day.

▪️ Have a quiet activity ready for when they get home. Scarlett has been colouring in when she gets out of the bath. It gives me a chance to get dinner organised and gives her some quiet time.

▪️ Stick to a routine. Make sure bedtimes aren’t late. Evenings and mornings need to be organised and predictable. Plus, it makes life easier, especially if you have an unexpected meltdown to deal with.

▪️Pick your battles and help them out. It’s a big change and while I know they need to learn to be independent, helping put their shoes on or carrying their bag for them some days really won’t hurt.

▪️Use calm music or guided meditation for kids. Some little ones might have trouble switching off or winding down so this certainly helps. I put calm music for both of my kids at bed time and it definitely helps.

▪️ Understand it’s just a phase and like all the other ones it will pass. You won’t have a tired emotional little one forever, they will adjust.

The reason they are acting up at home is because we are their safe space, a place where they feel comfortable to show emotions and feelings. After a big day of concentrating there are a lot of pent up emotions. The best thing we can do is show love, have a routine and support them through this change 💕💕

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