Choosing a school

School – the great unknown. What questions do you ask when you tour?

This time last year I was touring around schools. I honestly had no idea what I was looking for. We ended up going with our local zoned school and it turns out it’s not the right fit for our family.

Instead of just being unhappy in our current school and also enrolling Scarlett I looked elsewhere and followed my gut. I toured a new school last term knowing exactly what I want and the questions I wanted to ask, this school ticked all the boxes and I have enrolled both kids. We are all very happy with the change.

I wanted to share some of the questions and things I was looking for so when you are touring schools you’re armed with some questions and not overwhelmed.

▪️ What is the foundation/prep curriculum and does it differ from other schools in the area?

▪️ How does the school communicate with parents? Is there an app or email?

▪️ How do they discipline children?

▪️What is the deal with buddies? Are they grade 6? (little ones may get attached and then they leave)

▪️Is there a separate prep playground or how are children introduced to the playgroud?

▪️How many teachers are on yard duty?

▪️ Are there lunchtime clubs? (Lego, chess, Library etc)

▪️ How do they manage bullies?

▪️Are parents notified of sick bay visits? Are there incident reports for injuries?

▪️ If a child needs help keeping up with a task is there rescources available at the school to help with this?

▪️ How long has the Principal been at the school and is there a high staff turnover? (important for consistency at the school, especially a small school)

▪️ If there is a problem do parents need to make an appointment with the teacher or just chat to them after school?

▪️ When are parent teacher interviews and reports expected? .

Choosing a school can feel like a daunting task but if you take the emotion out of it, follow your instinct and ask the right questions you will hopefully find the right school for your little one (and you) ❤

Rachelle xx

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