Lunch box help!

HELP!!!! With school and kinder just around the corner I am about to be thrown into a world of packing lunches. Up until now I would just drop the kids at childcare and they would eat there, more than they ever eat or try at home.

Who knew that lunches would provide so much anxiety? It’s not like the 90’s where I survived on a mini pack of Burger Rings, Vegemite sandiwch and Prima for 12 years. I am worried I will be the mum that gets the note for giving ‘sometimes food’ (does that really happen) 😳. Scarlett refuses to eat fruit at home but used to eat it at Childcare, will she eat fruit in a lunch box? Probably not. I can see I will be motivated at the start but after throwing out a few uneaten lunches my motivation will decline at a rapid rate 😂.

So experienced school parents, I need your help and tips. What are your go to lunch items? Are musli bars and Roll ups ok, or will the teacher judge me? Can kids have a Prima as a treat? Are they still allowed those mini bags of chips or Tiny Teddies?? Is Nutella/honey allowed as a treat? Do I now have to spend my whole weekends making protein balls and mini muffins just to have my kids not eat them??

We have been practicing with @smashenterprises lunch boxes and drink bottles that I got from @bigwaustralia and the kids love them. So at least I have that part organised 😂😂

Rachelle xx

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