A little party never killed nobody – Scarlett’s 4th Birthday.

With two kids I have certainly been to my fair share of birthday parties. While a playcentre party is loads of fun I was looking for something a little different, but something that didn’t involve me dressing up as Elsa and organising party games/prizes (I’m not a blonde, I cannot sing or shoot ice from my hands).

We decided for Scarlett’s 4th birthday we would throw a Party Higher silent disco. Organising it was a breeze and I also had Party with Luna to take care of all the face painting and colourful hair for the party guests. I have to say, the pair were a match made in heaven.

Our amazing party host Sasha arrived early and setup the Party Higher DJ area, this included headphones for everyone (even if parents wanted to have a go). Then the families arrived and the kids grabbed a pair of headphones and showed off their best dance moves. Anyone that was feeling a little shy or overwhelmed was able to have their hair sprayed and face painted by DJ Luna to ease into the fun.

The party host was incredibly accomodating, especially considering we had a lot of younger children. She was flexible, had a range of fun games and followed the kids lead. Plus, who doesn’t love a conga line of 4- 5 year olds and parents.

The best part is that it is completely silent, the kids were rocking out and 100% entertained in our lounge while the parents could chat in the kitchen. Silent disco’s are also a fantastic alternative for any little ones with sensory issues as the volume in the headphones can be adjusted and it’s not as overwhelming as a normal disco. We had kids that didn’t want to dance but wore the headphones to enjoy some music while they had their face painted or ate cake.

Party Higher and Party with Luna made for a great 4th birthday party for Scarlett. All I had to organise was food, decorations and cake. Definitely worth a try if you are looking for an alternative to a playcentre party. Check out the pics below and follow Party Higher and Party with Luna on Instagram to keep up with the fun.

Rachelle xx

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