Barkly Square turns 35 and you’re invited

As I get older I find myself reminiscing about my carefree days as a child. Spending hours designing and creating puff paint shirts or dressing in a rah rah skirt and dancing around in my parents lounge room to Bananarama, Madonna or Johnny Farnham (not a typo, he was still Johnny back then). Oh and the hair, let’s not forget the hair! Back in the day humidity was your friend and a little bit of frizz was not a bad thing.

Lucky for me, Barkly Square is turning 35, and it’s time to celebrate!

McDougall Street Laneway will be transformed into an 80s street party of arcade games, craft workshops and high-energy aerobics fun.

Across 3 jam-packed days from September 7-9th there will be a range of activities, including:

  • Bar with 80s style cocktails, flash dancers and polaroids
  • DJ Joey Lightbulb pumping out the 80s hits
  • Free 80s hair + makeup services
  • Free hand-made scrunchie workshops with The Windsor Workshop
  • Free puff paint tote workshops with The Windsor Workshop
  • Free 80s dance + aerobics classes with

So why not pull on your highwaisted jeans, legwarmers and Esprit t shirt; organise a babysitter and head there on Friday night for cocktails and 80’s tunes. Even better, grab the kids and take them along on the weekend for some old school 80’s fun.

Rachelle xx

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