Down the Rabbit Hole

Move over standard generic, dark, dusty, sticky playcentres, there’s a new kid in town.

We were lucky enough to go to the opening of the new Rabbit Hole playcentre in Braybrook. I have to say, it is hands down the best playcentre I have been to (and believe me I have been to a few).

There are different play areas to suit all ages, a giant ball pit/pirate ship area, rock climbing and party rooms that dreams are made of……I wonder if they will let me book my next birthday party there?

Everything is just a little bit different to other play centers. The ball pit contains only white balls, the tube slides are see through so you can see the kids flying down them and the play areas look like everyone is climbing through tunnels and bridges in the tree tops. Plus, there is even a little area for cooking classes!!!

The whole centre is really well organised. On entry everyone has to remove their shoes (even adults) so don’t forget to take your socks. There are lockers available for $2 so you can explore without worrying about your handbag or the kids backpacks.

  • Rabbit Hole Kids Playcentre is located at 227 Ballarat Road, Braybrook Vic

Rachelle xx

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