C-section awareness month

April is c-section awareness month.
C-section mums often hear things like ‘you took the easy way out’, ‘too posh to push’, ‘that’s not natural’. Or better yet, when you’re booked in for your c-section everyone loves to tell you complete horror stories. Most of the time it is out of the parents control and c-section is the safest option and honestly, if it’s an elective c-section who cares? It’s not your baby or your body.

I have had two c-sections (one emergency and one planned) and I’m not here to tell you anything bad.

  • Was it enjoyable? Not really, but is any birth enjoyable. It was exciting because I met my babies for the first time.
  • Was the recovery a nightmare? Actually no. I was up and about the next day and could drive within 2 weeks.
  • Do I have a huge scar? Nope, I have a small scar that is very low and can barely be seen.
  • Do I feel like I missed out on a natural birth? Ummm no way. The experience is special in it’s own way.

So next time you hear someone say they are having or have had a c-section, keep any negative comments to yourself. Babies are miracles no matter how they are born – home birth, c-section, water birth, natural, surrogate. In my eyes we are all super women

PS – this is Scarlett, not a random baby from Google.

Rachelle xx

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