Bone cysts – Apparently they’re common.

My son Hudson has broken his arm twice, same place, one year apart and both from minor falls. Plus, it’s his upper arm, which is unusual.

I get a lot of questions about his arm and how he broke it twice from such small falls. Well, it’s because he has a bone cyst. Then everyone asks what it is? How they are treated? and if I’m worried about it?……of course I’m worried, I’m a parent, we spend most of our time worrying and feeling guilty. Anyway, I thought I would try to explain as a lot of people haven’t heard of a bone cyst. I’m no doctor, this is just my experience.

When I was first told, I freaked out and spent the first week Googling and worrying. It’s basically a fluid filled hole that forms in the bone (normally upper arm or leg) and apparently they are common. A lot of people have them and they cause no harm. Plus, they normally go away once we finish growing. Sometimes they are picked up in an xray for something else.

Hudson’s cyst has grown big enough to weaken the bone, hence the breaks from minor falls.

In all of my reasearch on the internet, I read stories about bone cysts being treated with operations and steroids. For our case there is no treatment required, just simple monitoring to make sure his breaks heal. We have check ups at the Children’s hospital and Hudson has had to be careful with activities until his arm is all healed. The cyst is still there and will be until he finishes growing, but as he grows his bone will get bigger and stronger. I’m desperately hoping he doesn’t have any more breaks.

Of course, this is just our experience and there are all sorts of cysts. It’s always best to speak to a medical professional if you think something is wrong. Both times Hudson has broken his arm my heart is in my throat and I feel helpless. He is in pain for a little bit but children are very resilient and he manages the sling and not being able to run around crazy. He is a happy, healthy 5 year old and I am so grateful.

Have you had any experience with bone cysts? Feel free to share your story.

Ps… massive shout out to Melbourne Children’s hospital and the staff who are fantastic. My heart goes out to all the families who have to stay there a lot ❤.

Rachelle xx

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