Just relax! 

I’ve read so many articles lately about women’s mental loads. There are always a lot of comments underneath saying ‘that’s life’, ‘your generation just wants it all’, ‘ suck it up’ etc etc. I have to say I agree with these articles 100% and don’t give one crap about the comments. 

My husband often says I have a short fuse (which yes, sometimes I may). However, I wonder if he knows that sometimes he is the reason, our family is the reason. My head is so full of everything for everyone else that sometimes the small stuff will really push my buttons. I’m not really angry about him being late home from work or the fact we run out of milk. I’m angry because I’m the one who has to remember everything.  

I work, keep track of everyone’s schedule, meal plan, cook, clean, worry about everything and organise just so our weeks run somewhat smooth. These are just normal weeks, if we’re going away or doing something extra. I’m the one doing most of the leg work. Packing bags, ironing, making lists, he pretty much just turns up on time and orders a cocktail….does he think we are organised by magic?? 

Don’t even get me started on birthdays and Christmas. His name goes on the card, he shares in all the thanks but he hasn’t thought of anyone’s birthday (other than mine) in about 10 years. He is surprised and happy when people open their gifts as it is a genuine suprise. He has no idea what we got them 😂

I get that some men are different but mine has mental load of his work and that’s about it.  While my head is exploding with finer details of our lives.  My husband would have no idea what food allergies our friends kids have, knows nothing about NAPLAN or what a kinder enrolment form looks like?? I’m literally writing this blog and cooking dinner while he plays the Playstation. He then tells me to ‘relax’ or ‘don’t stress’….ummmm mate I would be as chilled out as Snoop Dogg if if only had to worry about myself and my work? 
So….men next time you tell your partner she has a short fuse. Maybe think, share some of that load, show some interest, help a little. You will be thanked! 

Rachelle xx 


  1. I hear you and agree. While I think hubby could cope for a couple of days (with me leaving notes and reminders!) I’m not confident things would run smoothly after that. It is life but life is very different and much more busier nowadays than it was in our parents day.


  2. I am with you. I totally understand because it seems like the only way my partner helps is if I ask for it not because she thought of it on her own. Thank you it helps me know that I am not alone in taking care of the family stuff on top of work and everything else.


  3. My hubby is pretty awesome and is always pitching in to help but you are right, our mental load is just way more!! When we pack to go away he packs a bag and an esky, me though, I pack for me, two kids, cold weather, hot weather, ‘just in case’ someone gets sick…..I’m thinking of ALL the things, ALL the scenarios and planning for us all. Geez, I’m getting tired just thinking about it! Great post


  4. Great post! It’s so nice to know I’m not alone in feeling like I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders. It’d be nice if partners could help out without being asked to! Yes I have three kids, but they’re my partners kids too so why is it different..


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