How do you do it?

I’m a working mother, I work 4 days a week and have had my job for 6 years. After both of my children I returned to work relatively early (7 months). Working gives me balance and purpose. Plus, I like contributing to our household income and setting an example for Hudson and Scarlett. However, the older they get the more I am struggling. 

My work has a policy where I am meant to return to work full time when Scarlett is at school. This is still a few years away but it’s a concept that I struggle to get my head around. School isn’t like daycare. The hours are much shorter. I often lay awake worrying hiw this will work? How on earth is this managable? Can I be present for my children, get them to after school activities, help with homework and be the mum I want to be. All of this while working 40 hours a week (with a 2 hour commute each day)??? If anything this is a time where they really need me to be there for them. 

My husband runs his own business so his hours are long and ge can’t do drop offs or pick ups, he also doesn’t get paid annual leave. This means before and after school care with school holiday programs. I can get some help from family, but again I don’t want to be the mum that is never there. 

How on earth do parents manage? Working full time, children, homework, food shopping, cleaning, washing, cooking, activities, family time and friends. Is it even possible? Cost of living is expensive so its really just not as easy as throwing in the towel and saying ‘I quit.’ 

It appears in our quest to have and do it all we have found ourselves in some sort of crazy situation where it is impossible.

I’m so thankful for my job and healthy children. In no way am I whinging. I’m simply asking the question. Is it even possible? Will I regret these choices later in life? Will my children resent their mother who was always rushing around and busy?  I want to be there for my babies while they still need me. 

Other working mums, how do you do it? 

Rachelle xx 


  1. Hi, I have a 5 year old and a 3 year old. My 5 year old just started school this year so we are facing this challenge. I work 4 days a week and my 3 year old does 2 days daycare, 1 day with my parents and 1 day with my in-laws (thank goodness for the grandparents! ) My 5 year old will do before school care and I have negotiated with my work to finish in time for school pick up (they have agreed to a 3 month trial – so if they change their minds after 3 months I will be very stuck!) For school holidays we will be relying on grandparents and holiday programs. I think you just need to do what works best for your family, it would help if businesses were more flexible with working hours.


  2. Hi! well I have one child and a very intense high stress job that requires a lot of hour s(though dome I can do at home)– but when is there time! keeping house, cooking, caring for child husband and dogs.. it can be alot. my daughter is 19 months so I have not faced your obstacles yet but I feel you!!! on straddling career and family xo


  3. I work full time and worry about the same thing. My job gives me purpose and makes me who I am so I can’t give it up. Every family unit is different but for me I have someone clean my house and we cook easy meals during the week. In my view it’s the quantity of time that matters but the quality of time.


  4. It seems so hard to make the right decision sometimes. Especially when you don’t know if there is one right decision? Juggling career, kids and home is no easy job! You are doing great. After all, it’s all for the well being of your family.


  5. I’m in a similar position – work 5 days a week with an hour commute am & pm. My husband travels for business – so everything is on me. I constantly have the guilt that I am not there for my child. She starts school in the Autumn and have no idea how we are going to cope. Reassures me that other people have the same thoughts.


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