To my children……

I want you to grow, but not too fast. Don’t wish the time away. Cherish the small moments. Take your time.

I want you to be strong, but able to show weakness and admit when you can’t cope or need help.

I want you to be successful and determined, but don’t forget people along the way. Always offer a helping hand. 

I want you to be healthy, but not obsessive, have balance. Treat yourself, eat amazing food and feel good about yourself. True beauty comes from within. 

I want you to be wise, but not a know it all. Teach others and always be willing to listen and learn.

I want you to find love. Always be yourself and find someone who loves you the way you are. Don’t change for love.

I want you to be happy, laugh, sing and dance. Never let anyone dull your sparkle.  

Most of all, I want you to be exactly what you want to be. I will support, love you and always be here for you. It’s your life and I want you to live it. 

Love always and forever your Mumma xxx 

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