There are things in life you know you will most likely have to face. Awful events that you push to the back of your mind and hope the day will never come. This week I experienced one of these, I lost a parent……my father passed away.  I cannot begin to describe the hurt. Yet, amongst the tears I surprisingly have found a way to smile. I smile because I can’t cry forever, because my father is finally at peace after so much suffering, he was able to see me get married and meet my children.
I smile because I have wonderful memories with my father, a wonderful mother, a husband that is my rock, beautiful children, friends and family who have reached out to me with kind words/gestures.
I smile because I know my father was proud of the woman I have become, I am proud of him and also because cry far too many tears in the shower where no one can see me.

Most of all I smile because even in his final days where his body gave up on him and he could no longer speak, my dad still managed to smile. If he could do that, it’s the least I can do…..No matter how bad your day is, find any reason to smile. While you have the chance 😊

Rachelle xx

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