A letter from a Mummy

To my friends:  I miss you, I think about you all the time. I want to catch up, finding the time isn’t always easy, especially with two little children who get coughs and colds often. I also know that you are all super busy with your own families. I’m always just a phone call away. Let’s catch up and actually do it instead of just talking about it.

To my work colleagues: I’m sorry I scurry into the office flustered every morning and I leave right on the dot of my finish time. I have to pick up my children and don’t want to be charged hundreds of dollars for running late to childcare. I talk about my kids too much, show you a lot of photos or ridiculous videos and probaby overshare stories that you don’t even care about. I’m proud. Plus, let’s be realistic, I’m not exactly out hitting clubs or eating at the newest hot spots……. I don’t have a lot else going on right now. 
If I seem preoccupied, it’s probably because I feel guilty about being at work, I’m worrying about my babies or perhaps I’m sleeping with my eyes open at my desk.

To my mother: You were right…..about everything.  Thank you xx

To my husband: I love you more than ever, seeing you with our children makes me extremely happy. I appreciate how hard you work for our family and I don’t tell you enough. We sometimes snap at each other and in all honesty some days you shit me (you probably feel the same about me)….We are both working hard and tired, it happens. You’re my rock and you’re an amazing father.

To my children: Mummy loves you more than anything in this world. I want you to be happy and healthy. I’m sorry I’m sometimes too tired to play or I try to make you go back to bed on the weekends so I can get a few extra minutes of precious sleep.
Also, thank you for no longer screaming when I drop you at childcare, it makes my morning easier. I’m doing my best for you and I always will.

To myself and all the other mummies: you’re doing a good job, don’t be so hard on yourself. Keep your chin up, support each other, don’t judge and stay strong.

Rachelle xx

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