Guest Blog – Does the pregnancy glow wear off?

Does the pregnancy glow wear off? Is it something that comes and goes with my mood swings? A glow of fire out of my nostrils, when I slice the ham to thick or realising I’m crying for no good reason for the 3rd time in one day.

Where is the glow in my pimples, the ones I only ever get when I’m pregnant. My constant oily hair, or nails which grow as you cut them.

Maybe it’s the sun glistening off my hairy legs, I don’t know because I can’t even see my toes let alone my legs, or bend down to shave them.

“Oh it’s such a magical feeling” 

Well yes sometimes I can lay there and admire the small twitches and movements. But this getting kicked in the ribs and playing hop skip and jump on my bladder isn’t my idea of magic.

“Wow still 9 more weeks? Your about to explode” Pregnancy glow

Thanks, not only do I feel like a beached whale, you just confirmed it for me.

“Your going to have your hands full aren’t you”

Honestly, it might just be my hormones but I could punch you right now. How dare you doubt my abilities, I’m going to fucking ace this two kid thing. Yes my toddler will most likely strangle the baby as he attempts to show him some lovin’, probably tip the bassinet by trying to climb up and see the baby and his help may not always be very helpful. But I’m going to love every minute of it.

My feet and hands are puffy and swollen, I’m edging towards hitting the 100kg mark and I now wake up to use the bathroom at least three times per night.

But I’m glowing; I’m glowing internally, full of happiness and gratitude. I’m thankful for the ability to be able experience pregnancy, I’m thankful for my cheeky thriving toddler and my supportive fiancé.

Mummy Blogger  xx



Tiarne Straatman

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