Hip dysplasia – One year on

Just over a year ago my baby girl was fitted with a hip brace for severe hip dysplasia. 

Her left hip was severely dilysplastic and her right hip was slightly out. I understand that in the grand scheme of childhood/baby problems this is a minor one. Since Scarlett was diagnosed early her hips should be normal now. We just have to get the all clear at one more check up when she is five years old.

However, no matter how minor. Like any mother, when I heard the diagnosis I worried. I googled and read notice boards. I know this is the worst thing to do, it didn’t stop me.  I truly believe that there are some women who write things on those boards just to worry people, they are the often the most negative places to get any information.  Sometimes it’s nice to look at the silver lining – yes your baby needs a brace but be thankful that the problem was picked up early. How about that ladies?  Anyway, Scarlett was fitted with a brace one afternoon. I was prepared for sleepless nights, upset baby, rashes under the brace. None of this happened. She was slightly upset that afternoon but by the next day, she was back to her content little self.

I found a group called Hip Hip Hooray, they are a supportive group of mothers (and father’s ) who have had experience with hip dysplasia. It’s a postive place where I could ask questions and see success stories. Much nicer than the other notice boards I was reading.

I am so happy to share everything is now ok with her hips. The time in the brace didn’t bother her and she is now crawling around into everything. 

Some things to note about Hip Dysplasia and comments to ignore:

▫ My health nurse didn’t pick the problem up. As both of Scarlett’s hips were out her leg creases lined up and her left hip was so far out it wasn’t even clicking.
▫ If you think there is a problem. Get a second opinion. Trust your instinct.
▫ Don’t listen to people who for some ridiculous reason feel the need to tell you about everyone they know who has needed hip replacements and the problems they had.
▫Buy socks to put under the brace to prevent rubbing.
▫ Contrary to what you read. Your baby may be delayed with crawling and or walking when they get out of the brace. I was worried because Scarlett was one and only just crawling. My specialist assured me everything is fine and this often happens. He also assured me she will catch up.
▫Be positive and if you’re having a bad day. Don’t post it all over notice boards to freak out mums that babies may have just been diagnosed.

If you need information on Hip Dysplasia or braces.  Hip Hip Hooray is a great place. Ortho Kids also has some great information and fact sheets on all sorts of braces too.



Rachelle xx

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