Working at home with a toddler

I’m Ainsley and I have a little boy Rory, who is 17 months. In my spare time I run my own business, Dream Child Emporium, which is an online store for all sleep related products for babies and toddlers.

I thought I would write about a few of my work from home tips with a toddler.

So generally my days consist of  Rory running around, climbing on me and pulling at my shirt saying “booba” all with a bit of business work thrown in!

I feel like I am not super qualified to speak about this topic of working from home having only one toddler in my midst, but I can tell you what is working for me… this week.

TIP 1: Each day I have a mental to do list I need to get done. Those things are the priority when I get some time. This list keeps me focused and on task. I try and complete each task in full before moving on to the next task. (I may still have 17 tabs open on my computer but I try super hard to stick to one thing at a time)

TIP 2: Open the sliding doors, put a few toys outside and slap a hat on them and let them run wild in the back yard. Now this can kill about 10 minutes before they come back in wanting more food, water or booba (boob). But 10 solid minutes without a child climbing on me sticking his fingers in my nose and eyes, I will gladly take.

TIP 3.
Nap time is gold… when they actually nap. This nap time can be wonderful, uninterrupted and oh so productive. But without a plan or to do list of what you need to do… it can easily become not so productive. Online shopping and FB scrolling are my fave time wasters 🙂

TIP 4 : If you have a relative or trusted friend around, you could do a toddler swap for a few hours. I do this with my sister occasionally (not enough it seems). She will take Rory for a few hours so I can do some work. Then I take her kids for a few hours another day. It is a win win. It is nice to be able to focus for a few hours without the interrupting of a chatty toddler talking jibberish.

TIP 5 : I try and limit my computer time to bursts of 30 minutes. Then I stop and will have a play outside with him for a while, read a book or go for a walk. This ensures he doesn’t feel neglected and then he will happily play again by himself for a little while.

I try and keep in mind the whole reason behind wanting to work from home, and that was/is to be at home with my children and be there for them. So I try and keep that at the front of my mind when my business duties start stressing me out. Business can wait most of the time and if it can’t you could always distract them with a few toys to give you those few minutes to do what you need to get done 🙂



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