Teething tips for tired mummas

As mothers teething is something we all go through. It’s awful to see your little one in pain and feel that there is nothing you can do to help. Some babies are great and just wake up with new chompers without even a whimper. Unfortunately, I knew every single tooth that broke through with my son. The first teeth, molars and eye teeth really gave him a rough time.

While we have all heard of using Panadol, Nurofen and Bongela. I thought I would share some other products and techniques I have found useful to ease the pain of teething.

All natural and made with cloves. This is great as it does ease discomfort and unlike Bongela can be used at the same time as Nurofen. You can find this one at most chemists.


There are so many different teething toys to choose from. It’s easy to get confused and just grab anything. I like natural products and to support small Australian businesses. Recently I discovered The Bub. All natural teething and lactation products made for mums and bubs in Australia.  They have really cute designs and colours and are a real hit with my little girl. All these products are dishwasher safe and you can even pop them into the freezer for extra relief from sore swollen gums.


Icy poles can often be a bit much for little bubs so I freeze drops of fruit puree and yoghurt on baking paper. They are a great little treat for when your baby is teething (my son still loves them and he has all his teeth).  Of course make sure you supervise as you normally would to ensure no one is choking on their icy treat.

Mesh feeding bags are great as it allows your little one to eat by themselves without and they can easily suck or chew on frozen berries and icy treats. The bag does need to be washed thoroughly but I have seen these at Kmart for $2 so they’re certainly not going to break the bank if you have to buy two.

Never underestimate the dear old face washer. I was given so many of these when I was pregnant and they have come in handy. Wet one and pop it in the freezer so your little one can chew on it and relieve teething pain. They are also good on hot days.

If all else fails lots of cuddles and distraction techniques until those pearly whites pop through.


Rachelle xx


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