No stress cake baking

I have never been much of a baker. I do love cooking, but because I don’t eat a lot of cake or biscuits. I have never felt the need to bother with baking. 

That was, until I had children. Kids love cake, they get excited about cake and pretty cakes make them very happy. I wanted to bake my sons first birthday cake, but after shopping around, trying to work out what shape to make and looking at the cost of all the decorations. It simply worked out to be cheaper and less stressful to order a cake for his party.

A couple of weeks ago I discovered Cake 2 the Rescue. An online store where you can order a cake kit and make a beautiful cake for any occasion. I wanted to give one a go.

Upon receiving my kit I was extremely impressed that I had everything perfectly proportioned to make an amazing cake. There was no need to buy food colouring or fondant in bulk. I only had to provide eggs and butter (which I already had in my fridge). The attention to detail is fantastic. The kit includes comprehensive instructions, stencils, fondant, candles, a cake board and even a little rolling pin.


One afternoon last week while the kids were asleep I baked my cake. Once it was cooled, I cut the shape using the stencil and using the detailed instructions, I started to decorate.  My three year old woke up halfway through. In a normal baking situation I would just stop so he wouldn’t stress me out while I was trying to concentrate. However, because Cake 2 the Rescue is so easy, he was able to help me roll the fondant and we had a lot of fun making our Rudolph creation together.

I was very happy with the end result. I will definitely recommend Cake 2 the Rescue to all my friends and I’m sure I will be ordering more of these kits in the future. They are so much fun and really good value.  There are cakes for every occasion, so you’re covered for every event.

If you would like to win a Cake 2 the Rescue kit, head over to my Instagram @themummycode and follow the instructions under the pic of Rudolph. You can also follow @cake2therescue on Instagram too.


Rachelle xx

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