Stay behind the white line

We attended the arrival of Santa for David Jones this morning. This is a fantastic free event for little children that included a concert with singing and dancing. What a great way to spend a Saturday morning and get the little ones a bit excited for Christmas.

We were having a great time, my son Hudson (3 years old) of course wanted to get as close as possible to Thomas the Tank Engine and Santa to enjoy the dancing and singing. It was a rainy morning, so not an overly busy event and all the children were really well behaved.

That was until they tried to cross the forbidden white line on the ground to get close to the stage! A lady wearing a bright yellow poncho would step out like Gandolf from Lord of the rings and declare ‘you shall not pass’. Unless your name was on her special VIP list of City of Melbourne or David Jones employees, you weren’t allowed in the area close to the stage.  What sort of elitist society are we living in that there are now sectioned areas for VIP’s at free events for toddlers? Really David Jones?? You have got to be kidding me.

I am not stupid and completely understand that there are VIP/media areas at events, especially when people are paying extra money to be in these areas.  I also understand that these areas exist when there are ambassadors or celebtities invloved. What I don’t understand is the need for this at an event that was not busy, held at 9am on a Saturday and also free. I’m pretty sure all the celebs were busy getting themselves and their children ready for Emirates Stakes Day.  The toddlers and parents who were in the VIP area could not care who was there as they were wrangling their own children or watching the show. Also,  let’s be real here. It was hardly a Metallica concert and I’m pretty sure no one was going to get caught up or injured in the mosh pit. 

David Jones/City of Melbourne if you are going to have these areas at a toddler event they need to be fenced off, not just a small white line on the ground. This yellow poncho woman clearly has no experience with children as I saw multiple tantrums unfold as parents tried to explain to small children they couldn’t simply walk over a white line to get closer to their idols. There was no bunting or gate they thought they could just run over. Completely ridiculous and extremely hard to explain to a toddler.

Of course, Hudson ran over to the stage (like any normal child would). The yellow clad poncho woman then offered me another golden piece of advice. She said he could stay there so he didn’t cause a scene, yet I had to remain behind the line and could not cross as it wasn’t fair to others. Ummm ok lady here are some points:
A – I have no need to be close to Thomas the Tank engine, I simply want to keep an eye on my son.
B – I am 99% sure other parents would not be jealous of my proximity to Thomas. 
C – Since when is recommending you let a three year old roam free range amongst a crowd considered good security?

Overall the event was great and all that mattered was that that children had fun. However, a lot of tantrums and negotiating could have been avoided if the area was fenced off or didn’t exist at all. Why create subsections in society amongst toddlers at a free Christmas event, let them all play and dance together and have a wonderful time.

Rachelle xx

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