Lulla Doll – sleep saviour

While spending hours cuddling and settling your babies is a part of motherhood. There are often times where you need to put them down and have your hands free.  It was very important that my children learnt to self settle. Especially Scarlett, as when she was napping it gave me some one on one playtime with Hudson. I believe this was an important part of him adjusting into his big brother role. He knew mumma hadn’t forgot about him and will make time for one on one play.

Babies often struggle to self settle as they are used to the sound of mums heart and breathing. I have spent countless hours susshing and rocking. However, now there is the ‘Lulla doll’.

The Lulla Doll is great for babies and toddlers.  Lulla is amazing, she will quickly become babies and parents best friend and a bed time essential. She helps little ones settle and sleep longer overnight with her 8 hours of breathing and heartbeat sounds, which makes your child feel as though you are sleeping right next to them.  This is also great for toddlers who may be afraid of the dark, have night terrors or separation issues. I now completely understand why this doll has sold out twice in the last 6 weeks.

Lulla is a must have for expecting parents and anyone having sleep issues with their bundles of joy.

She is machine washable and hypoallergenic you can purchase at Dream Child Emporium , along with all your other sleep essentials. Lulla is currently on backorder due to her popularity but will be posted on 10th of November. Get in quick before she is sold out again!! Before you know it you and your little ones will be enjoying a normal sleep pattern and relaxing in dreamland.


Rachelle xx

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