Appreciate today

To quote my mum ‘life can’t be all beer and skittles’. This is so true, you grow up watching Disney movies dreaming of prince charming and what you will become when you grow up.

Reality for most of us is that we work, pay bills, have some fun with family/friends, work more and pay more bills.  It’s so easy to get bogged down in the daily grind (especially when you have kids on a routine).  I hope this blog post puts life into perspective and makes you realise it’s time to be happy appreciate every little thing you have – even if it’s routine, bills and work.

I have been reading a blog ‘Big Family Little Income’ for some time now. It’s a great blog from a father’s perspective. He’s blog often made me smile and it was great to get an insight from a father’s perspective. Two weeks ago Bruce wrote a blog about how his wife became ill. Tracey was admitted to ICU but Bruce’s posts remained postive. Progressively over the last couple of weeks, things have gotten worse to the point that doctor’s may not be able to help Tracey (for the full blog please see Big Family, Little Income). I don’t know Bruce or his family, but my heart breaks for them and for anyone in these terrible situations. 

Bruce’s posts have been so strong and powerful even in terrible circumstances. Reading them has really made me wake up and appreciate everything I have in this life. I’m no millionaire, I’m tired 80% of the time and I’m not living in a beach front mansion, traveling the world. What I do have is my health, my loving husband and two beautiful children.  The daily grind will always be there, but hey at least I’m well enough to be going to work, at least my husband is there to drop dirty clothes on the ground and pick on me. While tantrums and nappies can be very wearing I know deep down that one day I will miss these moments and I should appreciate all the small things… for today, I never know when everything could change.

My thoughts are with Bruce and his family and I hope that everything will be ok. I am thankful for the wake up call that his story has given me and it will stay with me forever. I know I will be giving my husband and babies an extra hug in the morning.

Rachelle xx

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