Guest Blog Q&A Sevi – Baby Bistro

Our Children adore her healthy meals. She is successful, busy and a super mum of two handsome boys. This week’s guest blogger is Baby Bistro founder Sevi.

Thanks for answering our questions Sevi. Tell us a little about yourself, your family and how Baby Bistro Started?

Even before my boys came along, I was always super focused on healthy, wholesome food and I loved jumping in the kitchen and preparing meals for family and friends. I am the wife t my amazing husband Luciano and Mama to my two boys, Lucas (4) and Thomas (3). Between my three boys, Baby Bistro and everything else life has to offer, life is pretty jam-packed! I’ve always been told I am wildly passionate about a project once I get started, and I have to agree! My huge enthusiasm for everything I do in life has turned out to be key to my families’ and businesses success.

When I fell pregnant with my first born, I focused so much on the delivery that I didn’t prepare for what comes with looking after a new born baby. So when it came to feeding solids I was totally unprepared. You can imagine my shock when Lucas starting showing signs of being a fussy eater and although I was being given plenty of advice, I found much of it conflicting. I decided that I would research the topic myself and was horrified with what I learned about the current baby food on the market and supermarket foods. Right then and there I decided I would prepare all of Lucas’ meals with fresh organic ingredients and that way I could trust what I was feeding my precious boy and set positive healthy eating habits right from the start.  It was at this time that Baby Bistro started to come to life and my mealtime battles with Lucas started to subside – much to my relief!

Baby Bistro meals are delicious. Where do you get the inspiration and recipes for them?

My inspiration is without a doubt is my family. The support and belief that they offer me day in da out builds me up. On the days I feel I need strength I simply think of my family and I am ready to go 100% again.

My meals designed around what my favourite things to eat were growing up. My mum was a skilled cook, always producing amazing meals for the family. When I started Baby Bistro, I thought about those classic meals with a healthy twist.  Between those two factors I was able to bring together a fresh and almost nostalgic menu with plenty of variety.  I also wanted to create meals that could still be enjoyed by the whole family and truly help busy parents, such as a yummy ratatouille as a base for a pasta dinner.

What has been the highlight for Baby Bistro to date?

The whole journey has been a highlight! But really, I have had so many incredible experiences since Baby Bistro began and am grateful for all of my supporters who have inspired me to be bigger and better.  We have received some public attention and really positive feedback from a number of well-known mamas including Chrissie Swan, Rebecca Judd, Megan gale, Sarita Holland, Jess Dempsey and Monty Diamond. The response has been astounding from mums everywhere, and the greatest feeling for me is when I receive a message of thanks from mums enjoying our delicious meals.  That really brings it home for me and after a busy day, thinking about why I started Baby Bistro in the first place really puts a smile on my face. There is nothing better than knowing all of your hard work and hectic days have been worth it.

We have seen on your Instagram feed that you have an amazing new kitchen space. Can you tell us what’s in store for Baby Bistro in the future?

We are so excited to finally work out of our own kitchen. It has been a dream of mine since starting the business in 2011. And there is so much more for us to do! Without giving too much away and spoiling the surprise I can tell you that with this big new move there is going to be heaps more happening at Baby Bistro! You will see lots of exciting new meals, organic certification on our loved meals with much much more!

How do you balance your time between running your business and being a mum?

It’s definitely not always easy. As my boys have gotten older and the business has grown it has become more difficult to balance the two. I often have mummy guilt.  Working out of our commercial space, it has been far easier to separate the two; work and family.

When I work I focus on work and I involve the boys and they love that. When I am with the boys I make our time special and focus on them and that works.  Luckily and as you can imagine, I always have couple of Baby Bistro meals handy for lunch and dinner, so my time with the boys really is just about us!  

What is the best piece of mothering advice you have been given?

Trust yourself. I know my baby best.

Most children go through a picky eating phase at some point. Do you have a go to recipe for when your little ones are being fussy?

I’m very lucky in that I was onto the fuss-pot eater during early days so my boys are great at meal times! They have a very balanced diet and are open to a lot of flavours and textures. However I can’t go past our Extra Veg Ratatouille drizzled over pasta or because cheese is always a winner, the Macaroni and Cheese (with a twist!) for a yummy and filling cheesy hit the boys love.

How do you like to unwind after a long day in the Baby Bistro kitchen?

 Sometimes, which I am sure will come as no surprise to any parent, it can be really tough to find some ‘unwind’ time! As much as I would love to tell you I switch off everything and enjoy a nice glass of wine under the stars, generally my unwind is taking my Baby Bistro hat off, and making sure my Sevi / Mama hat is tightly secured. My boys (all three!) bring me back to earth after long, busy days and watching them laugh, grow and learn while developing their little personalities reminds me what life is all about.  Oh and there is another kind of wind down; It involves two sleeping toddlers and catching up on the guilty pleasures I have recorded on TV during the busy days!

Thanks again for being our guest blogger and making dinner time easier at our house. We wish you all the best with Baby Bistro, it certainly sounds like you have some exciting things coming up.

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