Be a proactive parent

When you’re pregnant and preparing to welcome your bundle of joy there is a lot to consider. Is the nursery set up? have you purchased all your baby essentials? hospital booked? birth classes?  birth plan??? The list literally seems endless.

While I found the hospital birth and breastfeeding classes informative, a lot of the information is common sense. For me, having a baby that was born 6 weeks early. I didn’t even use or consider a lot of the content. I had a c-section and couldn’t feed or bathe my baby for days. I wasn’t changing nappies for weeks and the chord had fallen off before he even came home. While I completely understand the need to be informed about birth, breastfeeding and the first few months. The real truth is that being a parent is a lot more than just those first months.

Would you know what to do of your child chokes? Do you know CPR? What would you do if your child sustained a serious burn? Of course first instinct is to call 000 and get an ambulance. However, in a lot of instances the first few minutes of an emergency situation are crucial. Staying calm and knowing what to do to help your child (or someone else’s) until help arrives is vital.

I attended a Tiny Hearts First Aid course and would highly recommend to any new or expecting parent.  It’s a 3.5 hour course that is both informative and interactive. The trainer really covers a lot and there is plenty of time to ask questions.  Our trainer, Tess was a paramedic so she was experienced and able to relate as she had obviously attended emergency situations involving children and anxious parents. She managed to keep everything lighthearted even though some of the topics are quite confronting. 

After having two children and my youngest being 9 months we had already experienced some of the situations, but it was still really good to hear what is recommended and there was a lot of extra content and little tips that both myself and my husband have taken away.  My only regret is that I didn’t know about this course earlier. I really wish I was armed with this information before I had children.

If you would like to become a proactive parent head over to Tiny Hearts, there are group sessions or private classes. You wont regret it, I truly believe it’s something that all parents and caregivers should attend.


Rachelle xx

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