Sneaky veg potato cakes

We all know toddlers aren’t vegetables number one fans. I’m always looking for easy ways to sneak a few extra veggies into Hudson’s diet. These sneaky veg potato cakes are pan fried so not 100% healthy but I can pack a few veggies in them so I’m happy. Steps to a veggie full mealtime are below:

1. Grate your veggies, finely slice onions and herbs. You can basically use whatever vegetables or herbs you like with your potatoes. Today I used zucchini, carrot, kale, onion, basil.

2. Squeeze out excess vegetable juices (otherwise you end up with soggy patties)

3.  Mix in two eggs

4. Form small patties and dust with flour.


5. Pan fry until golden brown. I used olive oil but I have also used coconut oil in the past.

6. Serve to your tiny food critic.

* Add canned tuna or salmon to make fish cakes.
* Serve in a stack with sliced smoked salmon or ham and cream cheese spread
* Add a dipping sauce – ailoi, sweet chilli or the old favourite tomato sauce.

Rachelle xx

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