Guest Blog Q & A – Abby Gilmore

She is a beautiful, young, fit and engaged to an up and coming AFL superstar.  Most importantly she is a mummy to a pretty little lady named Milla. We had the opportunity to sit down with Abby Gilmore and ask her some questions.

Welcome to The Mummy Code Abby and congratulations on your beautiful little girl. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

️ Thank you for having me! I’m 22 years old, 10 months older than Jake which I guess makes me a cougar! I’m the youngest of four, with the worlds most supportive parents in the world. I first met Jake back when we were 12 Years old. We both come from Bendigo, which is about an hour and fourty minutes from Melbourne. I moved to Melbourne at age 19 for Jakes football where we lived together with my best friend (Melbourne vixen star Chloe Watson.) Jake and I decided in that year that we wanted to start a family. We’ve been together for nearly 6 years and it’s something we’ve both always wanted right from the moment we could stand on our own two feet. With a career that’s so full on and over before you know it we wanted our kids to grow up and be apart of the excitement and hopefully success, soon! Not everyone gets to watch their Dad on TV doing what they love, and I guess I just loved that idea. I miscarried that year after falling pregnant pretty fast, then 6 months later fell pregnant again which resulted in another miscarriage. Finally I was able to fall pregnant with Milla when I was 20 (Jake thought I looked pretty hot at my 21st when I was 33 weeks pregnant!!) Most young girls would cringe at the thought but for me, I was so blessed. 

2 months after Milla arrived Jake asked my Dads permission to Marry me, the next night he got down on one knee and popped the question! And now here we are almost a year later planning our wedding and a 1st birthday!!! 

What have you enjoyed most about being a mum? 

️Honestly? Everything. I’m just greatful to actually be a Mum! I love the fact that this little human relies completely on me. I love that I am her entire world. I love that we have a bond like no one else and although she’s been in my life only a short time, I can’t remember what I did before her. I LOVE when she calls me ‘Mum’ and to see her face light up when her Dad walks into the room. Being a Mum truely is the best thing I ever did, I just wish everyone got to experience it. 

What have you found the hardest? 

✖️I’ve probably found teething the hardest. It started at 8 months and no joke, before then I had the worlds best baby. She was a dream. Jake and I didn’t know what a ‘bad sleep’ was. Now all the people that said to me “you just wait”, which might I add is my most HATED 3 words in the entire world since having Milla, are probably so happy to hear that we now understand what broken sleep feels like. I must say though, having a supportive partner who doesn’t require much sleep like myself makes it so much easier. He will get up and help me if I need it or let me sleep in while he does the mornings, even the night before a game!! Now that’s true love right there!

If you had to list 3 baby must have products, what would they be? 

️I would say.. 

  1. A dummy. I don’t care what anyone says, Milla will refuse to sleep without hers so that and the chain that clips onto her is literally my lifeline. 
  2. If your breastfeeding and need a night out, a Breast Pump!! 12 days after having Milla we had Jakes Best and Fairest and I FORGOT my breast pump. My boobs where literally exploding through my dress, they felt as though they where pulsating, my nipples where tingling and I was leaking like a tap, this was not a fun 5 hours. Ladies, don’t forget your breast pumps.
  1. Bonjella!! Enough said.

Since becoming a mum has your exercise routine changed and how do you manage to keep fit with an almost one year old getting around? 

️Completely changed. Pre Milla, netball was my most favourite sport to play and all my exercise was based around playing and training. I played at a relatively high level so it was quite full on, until of course I got pregnant! Now, I do a lot of strength and conditioning training at the FIT centre in maribyrnong twice a week, boxing 3 times a week at boxfit in Port Melbourne and have just recently became an ambassador for the Art of Cycling in Yarraville where I do a 50 minute bike class once or twice a week. It took me 10 months to get off my backside and get back into it as I really was in no hurry and was just happy enjoying my girl, but I’ve slowly worked my way back and although it might seem like a lot it’s because I’m doing it that I have so much more energy to run around after Milla all day. My goal isn’t to be stick thin, I love food to much. It’s to be able to eat what I like, to be strong, healthy and a good role model for my girl.

What is your favourite way to spend time as a family? 

️Our favourite family time is when we are snuggled up in bed with Milla smack bang in the middle. When she wakes up of a morning and Jake has a late start or a day off we like to jump in bed and just cuddle and talk. She is the happiest when she has just woken up and because she hasn’t seen us in so long she is so excited. It results in both of us just laughing at the jibberish that comes out of her mouth. The girl can talk!! And gives the best cuddles!

Congratulations on your engagement!!! We are sure you will be a stunning bride. Have you started planning your wedding? 

️Thank you, it’s such an exciting time! I’ve done little bits here and there but to be completely honest I am the most unorganised, last minute person you will ever meet so no I haven’t done too much. I think I’m secretly praying for someone to come along and plan it all for me so I can just rock up on the day!! Im so excited to try on wedding dresses though, that’s something I’m looking forward to doing soon with my mum and sisters.

How would you describe your fashion style?

️Umm.. Comfortable? I literally live in workout clothes. You will see me getting around in my gym leggings with a black top and runners, even if I haven’t been to the gym!!! To the footy I love to wear jeans, a loose tee with a big coat and some nice boots always with a heel! 

What has been the best piece of parenting advice given to you?

️ ‘Children are not a problem to be solved, but a person to enjoy.’

Thank you so much for answering our questions. We hope Milla has a wonderful first birthday and we cannot wait to see you as a bride.
Photo cred – Instagram @abbgilmore

Ange and Chelle xx

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