Through the eyes of babes

I know last week my post compared two year olds to drunk people.  However,  I also wanted to address another side.

My son Hudson is just over 2.5 and I have watched him develop into a kind and gentle little boy. Yes, he has bad days, tantrums and is unreasonable.  When all is said and done, I admire his attitude towards life.

Life excites him, he smiles and he embraces it. At what point between his age and adulthood do we become so worried, judgemental and stressed.

I completely understand that growing older brings the stress of working, family, bills, ill health…the list goes on. However, seeing how young children view the world makes me happy. 

*They are uninhibited and not self  conscious or concerned with labels.  *They don’t see race or disabilities.
*They don’t care of you’re rich, poor, straight, gay, transgender, fat, skinny, tall or short. 
*They also have no real understanding of war or religion. 
*If they have a problem they have a tantrum and pretty much get on with life.
*They see everyone as equals and just want to be happy.

My father has Parkinson’s disease and is unable to walk, he has bad tremors and is very hard to understand when he talks.  Adults often stare or act awkward, yet Hudson sees none of this he is just happy to see his Pa.  He often tells him to run, when my dad says he can’t Hudson simply responds ‘ok’ and just continues playing. 

I am in no way saying my child is better or different to anyone else’s.  It’s not just Hudson, it’s all children.  Their innocence and wonderment at the world amazes me.

I am guilty of being stressed and worried about silly things. I don’t pay attention to the little pleasures in life and it’s passing me by so quick. I believe as adults we need to slow down, see the good in people,  stop judging and competing.  Support, build each other up and most importantly Smile! Being happy won’t kill you.

Perhaps even our politicians could even take some advice from little children. Starting by viewing everyone as equals. image

Rachelle xx


  1. I think that somewhere in life the innocence and unconditional love just seems to disappear to skepticism and judgement. I think that when we become parents it reminds us of those things and we stop doing certain behaviors and thoughts because we notice that we are the ones that help maintain the innocence and unconditional love. At some point different parts of society that changes them but it is impossible to keep them from society.


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