Alice in healthy land (@aliceinhealthyland) – Guest Blogger

Alice in healthy land is one very inspirational lady.  With just once glance at her Instagram feed, you will see she is extremely fit, pregnant, a nurse and has some really good ideas about health and nutrition.

While we would love to say that we are health and fitness experts at The Mummy Code, unfortunately we are not.  We were able to ask Alice a few questions to get in insight into this future ‘super mum’s’ lifestyle.

Congratulations on your pregnancy! What sort of workouts are you doing now that you have a baby on board?

Thank you so much you are too kind. Throughout my pregnancy I have done a number of workouts. To begin with, I trained at a gym that concentrated on high intensity Mauy Thai and weights. I also did aqua aerobics as well.  I trained on and off with these classes until 18weeks then I started getting pressure and cramps in my stomach so had to stop.. I have always walked every morning as well. Even when I had nausea and vomiting I found the fresh air helped a lot. I currently walk 45min-1hr every morning with my pup Evie, do 100 light 5kg kettle bells and 3kg dumbbell workouts daily. Three times a week I do pregnancy yoga and stretching for 15minutes in my lounge room. I just found a lady on you tube that does pregnancy yoga, as I currently don’t have the time to go to a class after work.  You really have to decide what works for you as everyone carries a baby differently.

How do you stay motivated to work out, especially while pregnant?

For me the last few years have been about being active and making healthy life style choices. My baby gives me motivation to stay healthy, I want the best for this little one. I try to keep in a routine as best as possible. My little puppy Evie motivates me to wake up and walk her everyday. She is an extremely active dog, I would feel guilty if I couldn’t walk her, plus those puppy dog eyes.  I love the feeling of eating well and exercising too. I know this may be a challenge when bub arrives as my routine will be all around him or her. Yes I am having a surprise.

Have you had any crazy pregnancy cravings? If so, do you give into junk food cravings?

NUTELLA … but only at 2am. I only have it in the house because my partner loves it so much but he could have a jar sit there for 6 months.. Poor guy I have chucked out a few full jars just because I don’t want it in the house. We are all human and I think we have to give in to life’s guilty pleasures sometimes. I do try and re create healthy alternatives to most junk foods but sometimes I just want there real thing! YOLO! Ha ha. I do have a delicious recipe on my Instagram and Facebook page for homemade raw chocolate which helps with the sweet cravings.

How would you describe your pregnancy wardrobe style?

I love leggings and vans/converse! I feel blessed to be pregnant in winter, to be this comfortable. I have also been lucky enough to be selected as a brand rep for Bump Baby and Beyond Maternity (@bumpbabyandbeyondmaternity), they sent me some beautiful singlets and dresses to style this bump too which have been great pieces for my pregnancy wardrobe. I also love all my bohemian mumu tops as well. I think as a pregnant women you want to feel confident no matter your size so comfort is a big thing! Very important to me. Sometimes adding a little lipstick makes you feel more sexy with this big bump .. I swear.

Your Instagram feed is full of delicious healthy recipes. Do you have a go to, easy recipe that we can quickly whip up after work?

YES OMG NICE CREAM!! – Banana Ice-cream

2-3 bananas peeled and pre-frozen (I chop them up so they are easy to blend)

2 tbsp cacao (I use Nature’s Way as you can buy from Woolies or Coles)

50mls Almond Milk, can use milk of choice.

Blend until nice and creamy like a ice cream texture.

Top with your favourite toppings – trail mix, other fruit, raw oats, sultanas, raw chocolate, buckinis. The children will love it too.

You can also add 1 tbsp of peanut butter to the mixture before blending as well.

We noticed that you drink a lot of cold pressed juice. Do you make this yourself? What are the benefits of cold pressed juices?

Yes I do make it myself, I find it is a great way of getting lots of fruit and vegetables in one hit. Sometimes I will make up a jug and sip on it over two days as its not as heavy in your system all at once. Its like taking natures multivitamin. Start of with more fruits in the juice when you first begin having juices, then slowly incorporate more vegetables. Its fun for children to help pick what they want in their juice too.

Benefits – packed with live and whole ingredients. Cold press means that the fruit and vegetables are not damaged by the heat of the blender.

There are lots of juicers on the market now. I am lucky my parents gave me one they have had for years, they paid 500 for it. You can buy them at K Mart now for as little as $25. Start with a cheaper one first and if it’s something you love then maybe splurge a little down the track on one. They are available at many cafes and restaurants now, usually around $5 a juice.

Prior to becoming pregnant did you follow any sort of diet? Paleo, Atkins , raw food etc.

Since the age of 18 I have tried many diets and meal plans. I was even a meal skipper at one stage.. that failed and slowed my metabolism down. It was not until I completed my first challenge in 2011 at HIIT AUSTRALIA that I started to learn about nutrition. You have to build a love relationship with healthy food. Make it fun in the kitchen. I try and make my recipes I share with as easy as possible to follow.  Most of them use the same ingredients so it doesn’t cost too much. I don’t follow any particular guidelines but I do believe fresh is best. I make every thing from scratch. I use organic where possible but if not the less preservatives the better. You have to have a play around with food and see what works for you and your loved ones. To me recreating a naughty recipe to a healthy one is a fun challenge. If you are not feeling creative there are so many recipes and bloggers online that can do the hard work for you.

There are all sorts of theories about when is the best time to work out. Do you find it more beneficial to work out in the morning or afternoon?

I am a morning person. I love my morning fat burner walks, FBW – a fasted walk first thing in the morning for at least 20minutes. I am an early bird but who knows what will work when bub arrives. If I can fit a workout in any time of the day I am happy.

On average how often do you work out? Also, do you split weight sessions and cardio?

I walk daily, I do cardio and weights together usually in a high intensity interval style. While being pregnant I am doing weights 4 times a week and they are only light at the moment.

We hear a lot about superfoods. Kale, acai, blueberries etc. What is your favourite superfood?

Superfood is a loose term because all fresh fruits and vegetables have a super power that help aid our body in some way. I do love CACAO though as you can make unreal raw chocolate with it. Its high in iron and magnesium. I also use coconut oil everyday too.. In cooking, as a make up remover, hair mask and to prevent stretch marks.

What is your ultimate cheat meal?

NUTELLA!! Haha seriously I love when someone cooks me a meal that I haven’t a clue what is in it. When a friend invites me over I just let them cook what ever they like. I don’t like to pressure people with my eating habits. I do however eat healthy when I go out to dinner. I do love a good cheese board though!! Yum food I am getting hungry now thinking about all this food!

At The Mummy Code we love inspirational women. Who is one woman who inspires you and why?

My MUM. She is a 56 year old woman, who had 8 children in 10 years. I am the elsdest 28, and the youngest is 18. She still travels the world, stays active, and looks after all us children (well adults now). She is amazing! This is my fist child on the way and she makes motherhood look like a beautiful thing. I hope I am half the women/mum she is.

Thank you so much for answering our questions and inspiring us daily with your colourful Instagram feed (@aliceinhealthyland). Best of luck with the birth of your baby and we cannot wait to see some pictures and hear all about your motherhood journey.

Ange and Chelle

The Mummy Code xx


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