Working mum tips

Since returning to work after having my daughter I have had to stay super organised so everything doesn’t get out of hand at home. I worked after having my son but now with an extra person there is more washing, food prep and just general mess. My husband does help, but he works six days a week and long hours so he does what he can.

Here are some of my working mum tips:
● Meal prep: spend some tipe cooking and freezing. I often spend a Sunday afternoon making baby food, pasta sauce and casseroles that I can pop in the freezer and quickly reheat for healthy meals after work.

● Shop smart: if you dont have time to get to the shops order online. I also always have some frozen vegetables in the freezer so I can whip up a quick stir fry after work.

● Pack at night: I pack childcare bags and lunches the night before. It saves things being forgotten in the morning rush.

● Think ahead: I constantly use lists and calendars to make sure I am on top of everything. Without these everything would fall apart and I would remember nothing.

● Label everything: Things get lost at childcare. Why spend all your cash replacing lost clothes. Pop labels on everything so it’s easier for childcare to keep all belongings together.

● Take shortcuts: we have a dishwasher, this makes life so much easier. I also cook simple healthy meals on the nights I work. I don’t attempt new recipies or Masterchef dinners. It’s just not worth the heartache.

● Don’t procrastinate: I sometimes spend a day thinking about my annoying large pile of washing. I find if I just tackle it and get it out of the way, my mind is free and I enjoy my day. With no yukky pile of washing hanging over my head.

● Ask for help: I learnt that my husband doesn’t mind helping around the place but he often does doesn’t know where to start. I ask him for help and things get done. If I wait for him to just do things….well…..I would still be waiting.

● Stick to a routine: children love routine and so do I. It helps me know what I need to and what gets done next. Of course we relax on the weekend but we pretty much stick to a routine on weekdays to keep life predictable and easy.

Don’t be to hard on yourself. Being a working mum is hard. Things don’t go to plan and life is always changing. Being organised helps me stay on top of everything. I’m no super woman, I take short cuts, loose my temper and hate getting out of bed. I use the tips above to muddle through. If all else fails order take away and pour a wine.

Rachelle xx


  1. Impressive list Rachelle, I have very similar tips that I have blogged about in the past. The only one I can’t claim is the dishwasher tip- because I don’t have one 😦 *sighs It would make my day! Haha great post and thanks for sharing 🙂


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