Packing for an outing

We were headed out on the weekend and I was getting everything together.  I was ready, children were dressed, dog fed, husband peacefully relaxing on the couch and taking his time to get ready while I scurry about like a mad woman.

I started to think about what I take out for my kids and how I used to constantly forget things or not know what to take.  While I still sometimes forget bits and pieces I pretty much have it sorted. I thought I would share my going out essentials for any new mums or mums who have forgotten since their last bub (I certainly did).

● Nappy essentials.  Nappies, wipes, creams and bags. I use wipes for everything. Not just for nappy changes. I  wipe hands, clean seats, wipe trollies, clean up dirt….the list is endless. I also always include scented bags for dirty nappies as there might not always be an appropriate place to dispose them.

● Change of clothes.  Very important. I always take a change of clothes for both children. If we are going to be out for awhile, I take a couple of changes. I also often leave a spare top for myself and my husband in the car as our little girl vomits quite a bit and no one wants to walk around smelling of baby vomit. 

● Plastic bag or some kind of pouch for dirty clothing or burp cloths. You really don’t want to get everything else in your nappy bag dirty. Plus it’s easy just to empty the contents straight into the washing machine when you get home.

● A few swaddles. These can be used to cover your baby, drape over the pram to block sunlight, burp cloth or simply pop on the floor so bub can have a lay down.

● A book, stickers or small toys (also, spare dummy if you use one). I often have these in the car too. Saves me packing each time. They often come in handy.

● Healthy snacks.  You always want to have something on hand, nothing worse than being stuck in traffic with a hungry, screaming little person. I often use rusks, boxed sultanas or cut up fruit.

● Small bottle of hand sanitiser.  No explanation needed.

● Think of the weather. If it’s cold pack a warm blanket, extra jackets and beanie. For warmer days don’t forget hats and sunscreen.

● I always have a towel in the car.  It comes in handy if you have an unexpected poop or vomit explosion.

● Water and snacks for mum. Especially if you’re breastfeeding. It’s easy to get wrapped up in your children and forget to eat. I always have a bottle of water and some muesli bars or rice crackers on hand.

Having everything you need when going out really does make life easier. It might take a little more time to get organised, but you will be thankful.

Rachelle xx

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