Baby ads – you’re doing it wrong

After having two children I am convinced that the advertising masterminds behind the fluffy Johnson & Johnson and Huggies ads must be childless. The wonderful images of mothers looking over their cooing babies while they bathe them or casually change their nappies seem foreign to me. Yet, I have been through this twice. There have been times that I stare lovingly into my babies eyes and marvel at their existence. However, the majority of the time I am a sweaty mess trying to juggle 6000 things at once.

I admit the second time around was a bit easier as my daughter is a very easy going little baby. Plus, I was more experienced.

I understand advertising is used to sell a product and make everything seem peachy. Sometimes it would be nice and so refreshing to see an honest depiction of motherhood. Especially the early days. I most certainly would buy that product.

Below are some points I have put together for any advertising companies hoping to achieve a realistic scenario:

● Why is this ladies hair done? I was lucky to achieve a slicked ponytail for the first 6 months. Even now my hair is mostly tied back to stop little hands grabbing it and so it’s not full of gummy bears and spit up. Plus, it’s falling out everywhere.

● Where are the bags under the eyes? New parents are sleep deprived. If I managed to get make up on, you could still see the bags under my eyes from the moon.

● Poo explosions happen…..a lot. To the lady on the ad, changing her baby on her white doona cover. You are a real risk taker and obviously enjoy the feeling of living on the edge. Or you enjoy washing?? I stick to my change table with removable cover.

● I’m pretty sure I spent the first few weeks after bringing my children home in pyjamas or some sort of yoga pant combo. I didn’t spend anytime in perfectly ironed pastel coloured shirts!! Let’s rethink the wardrobe people.

● Where are their large piles of washing and why is their house so clean?

● I know some women have flat stomachs straight after birth but the majority of us have a little ‘pooch’ for a bit while everything shrinks back. If the ad has a newborn, then the mum needs a pooch…actually sometimes the pooch is there even longer so feel free to include it until the child is one.

● Where are the irrational crying women? Due to hormones, I would be crying one minute and screaming at my husband the next.

● Babies cry. My son screamed his head off in the bath, the car, on the floor, in his cot, being fed, not being fed. All the ad babies are happy. Yes, we all love a smiley baby but don’t make us feel bad about our screaming bundles of joy.

There you have it. Some realistic situations for baby ads. Don’t even get me started on pregnancy. All those women staring lovingly at their bellies….where is the oily hair, cankles, constipation and skin pigmentation??

Rachelle xx

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