WHAT DO YOU MEAN NO ELECTRONICS? www.hashtagparenting.net

These days we have iPods, iPads, iPhones, desktops, laptops – oh for real? How much more can one household take??

Don’t get me wrong I am not anti-technology, I understand its place in today’s society but the question I ask is “Do we need it all the time?”  Well, in our house the answer is NO!  That’s right folks, Monday – Friday (afternoon) there are no devices and computer use is strictly limited to homework only.

“Gasp!” I hear, “What do you mean no electronics?”  I mean devices are switched off and stored on a very visible shelf in the kitchen (because that’s where I spend the majority of my days) and the TV is turned off at the power point.


This has been our rule from the get go, because what happens if electronics are available 24-7…

  • Books don’t get read.
  • Pictures don’t get drawn.
  • Legs don’t get exercised.
  • Balls don’t get thrown, kicked or passed.


Now since electronics are restricted what happens…

  • Conversations are had.
  • Outdoor games are played.
  • Dice are rolled.
  • Most importantly, lots and lots of books get read!

This is not to say come Saturday and Sunday it is 48 hours straight of electronic games and TV watching.  We have limits and the kids understand this. Screen time is usually one hour each day with a movie Saturday night.


If you are consistent the kids will get it. If your rules keep changing, they’ll get confused.  If the rules apply to everyone, no one bothers to ask if they can have a turn because they know the answer.

Believe me, there is enough computer use at school, some allocated time on weekends and during the holidays so the kids get their “fix”.  I believe it is important to:

  • Keep them active
  • Keep them thinking
  • Keep them being creative

word 1

Everything has its role to play and for me one of my roles is “Designated Electronic Device Manager”.  In the end, everyone is happy and no one misses out!


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