Bathtime essential

My husband used to always bath our children. This would give me the opportunity to clean up dishes, make lunches, finish off dinner or just have 10 mintues to myself without little hands touching me.  Then he started to complain about sore knees and back.  He didn’t want to do bathtimes anymore and my few minutes of sacred mummy only time was over.  My husband is a bricklayer, he works hard all day so I understood that his back and knees would hurt, but it didn’t help my bathtime struggle. I tried putting a thick comfy towel next to the bath for him to kneel on, but his back was still hurting.

I even found that kneeling on the floor was pretty uncomfortable for me and I would often sit on the toilet (with the lid down) next to the bath. This didn’t allow me to really play and splash with my son and his bath toys.

At the Baby and Toddler show I came across the Kneepal.  It’s basically a little pad to kneel on that goes next to the bath.  It keeps your knees comfy and off the cold tiles.  The Kneepal is also ergonomically designed so helps with posture, therefore the back pain was no longer an issue.

There is a range of colours so you can match your bathroom and at $34.99 they make a great present for baby showers and new parents.

I’m happy to say my husband is now back doing baths and even when I’m on bath duty, it’s so much more comfortable. I have also used it in other areas around the house – cleaning under my sinks, outside and next to the cot when I have had to kneel to patt my daughter to sleep.

Kneepal is so simple, but so useful, I wish I found it earlier.



Rachelle xx

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