Purchasing for second baby

When we found out we were expecting a second baby there were a few things to consider. While we had a lot of baby stuff already from when I had Hudson, we had to think about sleeping arrangements, bedrooms, carseats and getting around with two babies.  We had a age gap of just over two years so a lot of things have worked out quite well. Some things that worked for us:

* We didn’t buy a second cot we transitioned Hudson to his own bed so the baby could use the cot. I was really  worried about the transition but we let him pick his doona cover (Lighting McQueen and a pirate one of course) and he loves his bed. The key was talking up how he is a big boy and doesn’t need a cot, babies need cots.

* I have found having a car capsule is worth its weight in gold. It’s so much easier when  handling two children. You can simply pop the capsule on the ground (in a safe spot) while you deal with your toddler. Better than trying to wrangle a newborn and toddler. I use the MaxiCosi because it fits on my Bugaboo pram. I borrowed the capsule from a friend who’s little one had grown out of of and it has been a great help. 

* Make sure you have a baby carrier.  I have the Ergo carrier, barely used it with my son, but now I use it all the time. It allows me to get out and about for walks with both children. It’s also easier for trips to the park or shops as my hands are free. Well, as free as hands get when you have two children.

* Double pram or not? We considered this but decided against it. I think this really depends on the age gap.  Rather than buying an expensive double pram that would take up heaps of space, I purchased a cheap umbrella stroller. Most of the time Hudson walks, he can sit in the stroller or a trolly . I found having the carrier and extra stroller has worked well for us.

* I also considered purchasing  a backpack with harness (lets face it a toddler lead) for Hudson so he didn’t run off while I dealt with the baby. We decided against it.  Again, I think this depends on the age gap. I used to judge people with these but I now completely understand why they are required. We only decided not to get one as we wanted Hudson to learn to hold hands and not run off. After a number of car park tantrums and plenty of tears (from everyone) we are getting there.

* We already owned a great highchair.   Instead of buying a second, we brought a little chair and table set that both our children will use. In the meantime Scarlett uses the highchair and Hudson either sits with us or at his own little table.

Organising for a second baby is daunting. You could end up buying two of everything. The key is to consider the age gap and only buy what you need. Purchase things that will last longer. Before you go and and splash cash on  expensive items see if you have friends  who could loan you items or see how you go without them. I am so glad I didn’t waste money on a fancy double pram or extra highchairs we have coped just fine without them.

Rachelle xx 

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