Toothpaste kids love

There was a constant battle in my house, as my son just didn’t like cleaning his teeth. He didn’t want to copy my husband or I. We tried buying kids toothpaste, funky toothbrushes and showed him songs to encourage him and make it more fun, yet he didn’t care. He also had a tendency to swallow the toothpaste. This concerned me as the packaging on pretty much all kids toothpastes says not to swallow. How on earth do you tell your child not to swallow something that tastes fruity or like bubblegum?

Then I came accross Jack and Jill toothpaste. This toothpaste is 100% safe for children to swallow, certified organic and comes in child friendly flavours like strawberry, banana and blueberry.  Jack and Jill take care of all your kids brushing needs as they also have little rinse cups, tooth brushes, silicone brushes for really little ones and overnight/wash bags, so they can be just like mum and dad. All the packaging is super cute with colourful, animal designs.

Ange and I tried Jack n’ Jill with Hudson and Kai and they liked it. Hudson liked the flavour and I could relax because it didn’t matter if he swallowed it. Most importantly he now  stands and brushes his teeth without any negotiating, certainly makes my life easier.




Rachelle xx

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