Feature Mummy – Memoirs of a mama

A few weeks ago we asked you to share  your story. Memoirs of a mama (@memoirs_of_a_mama) aswered our call. She is sharing her motherhood experience on Instagram, is hilarious and will be starting a blog soon. Here is a little story she shared about her feelings after the birth of her little girl:

Its Sunday night and I am sitting here on my couch in my maternity nightie…Yes Thats right I still wear my maternity nightie 6 months after giving birth. It’s not because I hold sentimental memories of my bump and how it once looked in my floral oversized Moo Moo but because I am yet to muster up the courage to go back into Peter Alexander and buy something remotely appealing to my Husband. When I say appealing I mean sleep wear that does not have a cartoon character or a floral creation on it. As I sit/slouch on my couch with a jar of Nutella carefully positioned in between my legs whilst strategically attempting to breastfeed Mini Mee the amazingly talented and “Ohhh so’ beautiful Carrie Bickmore walks/sashays/glides down the Logies Red Carpet dressed in a figure hugging dress that shows off each and every inch of her body. 6 weeks after giving birth. I can’t help but not stick my spoon back into the Nutella jar and scoop out an even bigger mountain of chocolate and let out a small whimper.

6 weeks after giving birth. I didn’t even look as good as Karl Stefanovic the morning after. 6 weeks after giving birth I was as yellow as Bart Simpson due to the amount of blood I had lost during my labour, my friends and  family were convinced that I had Jaundice because my 6 week old had healthier looking skin than me and she had been born Purple so go figure. 6 weeks after giving birth I was still walking around in a Moo Moo and if I was to be wearing (a similar but much larger size dress) like Carrie’s I would have had millions of Australian’s world wide asking for a discount on corrective eye surgery as the image of my oversized, rock hard, veiny breasts would have been etched into their memory for ever. 6 weeks after giving birth if anyone was to mention the word baby.  I would have been able to make lattes and cappuccinos for each and every guest on that Red Carpet free of charge all they needed was to supply their own polystyrene cup and place it underneath each breast. 6 weeks after giving birth the colour white or any colour that wasn’t black was not even allowed to be anywhere near me. In fact, if I even attempted to put an item of clothing on that was not dark in colour or oversized my body would reject it immediately and I would break out into a heat rash and swell from fear of people being able to see my new found squishiness and excess baby love. 6 weeks after giving birth I couldn’t glide or strut I was still wearing a nappy and whenever I wasn’t wearing a nappy I was squatting over ice packs.
Carrie Bickmore, 6 weeks after giving birth there you are on the Red Carpet looking like you may have sneezed out your baby out of your ear. I am in awe of how incredible you look and I am envious of the confidence that beams out of you. Thank you for inspiring me to not take a second spoonful of Nutella and thank you for making me vow to get off the couch and not just wear my Lorna Janes around the house. Thank you for inspiring me to venture outside and be more active. All this will start tomorrow. Tomorrow is a new day… A new me… Tomorrow is going to be cold though…windy.. rainy even… Might need to start these vows on Tuesday.

Memoirs of a Mama

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