Mummy moments – requests of a two year old

I thought I would share some moments that I have experienced.  Bad days often involve an unreasonable little person who wants everything their own way. While I have many standard tantrum stories and I’m sure there will be many more. I thought I would share a few of my favourites. Some of the more unresonable requests and tantrums from my son Hudson:

😭 I opened the driver’s door in the car to put my handbag in the car before childcare. Lost his mind because I wouldn’t let him drive.

😩 Middle of the supermarket meltdown because he was sitting in the trolley. Wanted it to ‘go, go, go’ but didn’t want my hands on the handle to push it.

😭 Was given a sample of hummus off a lady in the supermarket. Said ‘ta’ and flashed a sweet smile. Took one bite, spat it everywhere declaring ‘YUK’ while gagging and scraping it off his tongue.

😩 Got annoyed with me because I wouldn’t let him get his new pet fish out of the water for a cuddle.

😭 Wanted me to colour in with him but wouldn’t let me use any crayons. Anytime I asked for one he told me to ‘shhh’ or ‘sit’?

😩 Tried pretty much on a daily basis for a week to ride the dog around like a horse. He still tries now and then.

😭 Cried because Dora wasn’t in an episode of Diego that we watched.

😩 Tears because he wanted to stay at childcare and play but also wanted to go in the car.

😭 Kept telling me ‘ouch mumma’ when he touched my legs that may have been a little spikey (I have since shaved them because I couldn’t deal with his constant judgement).

😩 Had a major meltdown when I he wanted to walk the dog but she kept pulling him over when she got excited (our big strong pug x).

😭 Finally, after a long day yesterday  he wanted to use his little horn in the bath as a cup. I  told him no as it’s not a bath toy or a cup.  There were a lot of tears and guess what? I caved, I was just too tired to have that battle. Bottoms up little man. At least I will have some stories for your 21st.


Toot toot!!

Hopefully, this gives everyone a little chuckle, especially if you are having one of ‘those’ days. Be assured that mums everywhere having are having the exact same struggles and ridiculous conversations with their toddlers. 

Have a great weekend

Rachelle xx

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