Well done Mumma

Taking on the role of a Mother often means praise is few and far between. If you haven’t heard some praise today, I’m writing to you. Well done!

Well done to the Mumma who has to leave her babies in other peoples care, while she goes to work to earn money to feed her family and keep a roof over their heads.

Well done to the Mumma who stays at home with her kids every single day. An incredibly challenging task but well worth every second. You’re doing an amazing job.

Well done to the Mumma who spent an hour cooking a meal that only received 2 bites and a “yuck” comment. Whilst it didn’t seem like it, your efforts of creating a home cooked meal were appreciated.

Well done to the Mumma who fed her child potato chips for dinner because they wouldn’t eat anything else. Your children were fed and they won’t go to bed hungry. A luxury many children in the world rarely experience.

Well done to the future Mumma. You’re growing a human being and you’re going to be a wonderful Mumma who will experience a love like no other.

Well done to the woman who is trying to be a Mumma. An incredibly difficult task both mentally and physically. I’m cheering you on!

Well done to the Father who is “Mumma”. You’re taking on two roles. An unknown territory to many. I take my hat off to you.

Well done to the Mumma who is also a father. Not everyone has a mother and father. You’re doing a top notch job of taking on two roles.

Well done to the Mumma whose toddler had a meltdown in the supermarket, the car, the home and the bath. You’ve held it together and tomorrow will be a new day.

Well done to the Mumma whos house feels like it hasn’t been cleaned in a year. You have a house for your babies, that’s what is important.

Well done to every single Mumma out there whether you’re a mumma, mumma to be, trying to be a mumma or a father who is a mumma. I applaud you. You’re doing a wonderful job of raising human beings and whilst you might feel like you’re not cutting sandwiches the right way or reading the right story book, you’re trying and that’s what truly matters. Well done.

Ange xx

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