50 things we love

We were asked by the lovely Mumma Plus Three (@mummaplusthree) to share 50 things we love. Since there are two of us we did 25 each. It’s a great opportunity to get to know us, see if you can relate. Feel free to let us know what you love too.

Ange’s Loves:
1.The sound of cicadas when Summer begins
2. An “original” chocolate or strawberry BigM
3. Holidays by the ocean
4. Gossip Girl- I could watch it a million times and never tire of it
5. Christian Louboutin’s. I don’t own any yet but they’re on my bucket list
6. When nick nacks have a designated place
7. My ironing lady
8. Sundays. It’s the only day that the whole family is together
9. A tan. I know they’re not healthy but ohhhh they make you feel good
10. Handmade gifts from my kids
11. The colour yellow. It always makes me happy
12. Birkin bags
13. A french cream vanilla slice
14. The pure silence when going for a swim
15. A glass of ice cold Veuve Clicquot
16. Decorating. Whether it be for a party, bedroom, house or whatever.
17. A good ol’ comedy or romantic comedy
18. P.S I Love you. I love this movie so much that we used one of the songs for our “first dance” at our Wedding. It gets me every time
19. Christmas lights. I’ll drive past the same lights maybe 6 times throughout December
20. The smell of a real Christmas Tree.
21. My family
22. Will Ferrell. Hilarious!
23. Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate
24. Fresh bed sheets
25. Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds. Their good looks are almost too much to handle

Rachelle’s Loves:
1. My family and friends
2. My dog – Chula who is a Pug x Jack russell (Jug)
3. Spring – sunshine, flowers and knowing winter is behind us
4. Japanese food and anything Japanese in general – Hello Kitty, Astro boy, sushi, origami. I love it all
5. Game of thrones 
6. Shopping – online or old school. I don’t mind as long as it’s not food shopping. I can’t go past a good sale 
7. High heels and handbags
8. Sleeping – I appreciate it more now I have children
9. That feeling when my house is clean and washing done – only lasts about 30 minutes but it’s bliss
10. Going out for a delicious dinner
11. Just because presents or gestures, no matter how small. Shows someone is thinking of you
12. People that RSVP – the date is there for a reason people. Just say yes or no!
13. Coffee, coffee, coffee
14. Going for a walk in the sunshine
15. Having something organised for me, I get sick of organising everyone else
16. Slurpees – raspberry or cola. I don’t mind
17. Lollies (candy) – gummy bears, sour worms, cola bottles, party mix. That’s what dreams are made of.
18. Dancing with my two year old – so much fun. Can’t wait for my daughter to join in
19. Diamonds – Marilyn was right, they’re a girls best friend
20. Beautiful hotel rooms – fluffy pillows, avoiding the overpriced mini bar, room service….divine! 
21. A glass of wine with some amazing cheese
22. Lists – the only way I stay organised
23. Clean sheets – but I hate the job of changing them
24. People who say what they think. Don’t beat around the bush, just tell me. Oh and don’t do mysterious Facebook status updates, I don’t care
25. The beach – the sound of the waves makes me instantly relaxed

Phew….there you have it. 50 facts about Ange and Rachelle (The Mummy Code). Well done if you are still reading this. Let us know your loves!!

The Mummies xx

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