Dad’s please read!!!

Mother’s day is just around the corner. You don’t need to spend a fortune on huge gifts, diamonds, pearls (although all of these are always welcome in my house). You can impress the mummy in your life with some nice simple thoughtful gifts or gestures.

My first Mother’s day was ummmm interesting and certainly memorable. I would have been happy with a mug that said ‘Mum’ on it, a flower from the garden or breakfast in bed. My husband got me two bags of Skittles????  One of my favourites yes, but sentimental or thoughtful…..not really. He pulled his socks up last year and got me a voucher for a facial. So men, here are some tips for Mother’s day. This way you won’t end up in a panic, wait until the last minute and end up purchasing Skittles for the special lady in your life:

* Breakfast in bed – always a good idea. Maybe personalise it by giving a homemade card or special flower from the garden on the tray.

* Do everything for the day – don’t let her lift a finger and get the kids (if they’re old enough) to help. Wash dishes, change nappies, cook (or order take away). Make her feel like a Queen.

* Following on from above – grab the tribe, head to the supermarket for ingredients and cook mum her favourite meal.

* Take everyone out for the morning so she can have a shower, cup of tea and sit in silence.  Without any little hands touching her or little voices demanding things. Even if it’s just for an hour. Mum’s appreciate a silent house more than anyone.

* Head to the craft shop with your children let them pick something to make. Homemade gifts from little hands are very sweet.

* My husband got me a necklace with a H for Hudson on it for Christmas two years ago. I love it,  it feels like I always  have him with me. Mine is Kirstin Ash but there are a lot of brands out there. I’m hoping to get the S for Scarlett soon (hint, hint). This is a nice little trinket for mum to keep forever.

* I’ve mentioned it before but scented candles make a wonderful gift. I love them but I rarely buy them for myself as there are always other things I have to spend money on. Buddy and Me have some amazing candles. Plus you can personalise them to add an extra special touch.

* Purfume – buy her favourite fragrance. Maybe do some research and get her the scent she wore on your wedding day. Little details like this go a long way.

* Run her a bath – remove all the kids toys, light a candle and add some bubbles. Maybe some chocolates, champagne or tea and her favourite magazine. Leave her to soak and relax while you look after the rug rats.

Hopefully I have given you some ideas. Mum’s appreciate the thought and to feel special. You don’t need to splash cash to make her feel like a Queen, but do something nice. She deserves it.


Rachelle xxx

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