My guilty TV pleasures

When on maternity leave. Especially when you have your first bub and there is no toddler scampering about. I found I was spending a lot of time sitting around feeding and waiting around the house while my baby took naps.

After working full time for so many years I struggled with what to do with this down time (in between baby and house chores) as I felt a little trapped in the house.  Also, my husband and I started to stay home more on weekends rather than hitting the town.

TV series came to the rescue. Here are some of my favourites for any new mums who might be looking for something to watch. I understand some of these are complete trash TV but if it gives me some time to relax and zone out I don’t care. Anyway here they are:

* The Real Housewives of …….. (insert any city). Complete trash but I can’t get enough.  I also find myself watching spin off series from these such as Vanderpump Rules etc.

* The Walking Dead – I never enjoyed anything to do with zombies, but good lord. I love this series. However,  if anything ever happens to Daryl I will stop watching and probably riot! .

* Game of Thrones – again I am not normally a fan of fantasy. But, after hearing everyone talking about this I gave it a go and I love it. The dragons,  drama and awkward brother sister sex scenes have me hooked.

* Breaking Bad – this series has now finished, however it was a favourite of mine. Had me on the edge of my seat. Walter White is an unexpected badass and Jessie Pinkman just needs a good woman in his life to set him on the straight and narrow. 

* Vikings – since I gave Game of Thones a go. I also tried Vikings. Not quite as racy or fast paced as Game of Thrones but still a great series. A lot of Australian talent and Radnor is simply ah amazing!!!

* Ray Donovan – a really great series. This one has no zombies or dragons but it has a lot of drama. Leiv Shreiber and Jon Voit play fantastic characters.

* Orange is the new black – set in a women’s prison. Funny and interesting.  Love it!

Oh and I’m also a big Kardashians fan (including all the spin off series). I have no idea why I continue to watch.  However, I find myself tuning in each week and to keep up with all the latest Kardashian goss. I didn’t love recent series where there were too many scenes with the Jenner’s (Brody, Brandon etc) but I remain glued to my TV to see what will happen next. I hear Bruce is making a series about his sex change,  no doubt I will be all over that little trinket too.

Feel free to let me know any series you love. I am always on the lookout for something new. 

Rachelle xx


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